Only On The Web: Katie Couric introduces Steve Hartman’s interview with Zack Hample, who has snagged nearly 3,000 baseballs at major league games, then files her daily notebook.


  1. I am from the future. He now has a YouTube channel, caught a-rod’s 3000th hit, caught his 10000 ball, etc

  2. This guy is currently at Citi Field if anyones wondering. Met him at Citi Field during the Nats series COOL DUDE

  3. I think it’s as he’s doing the languages that this correspondent realizes this dude is absolutely out of his tree

  4. I have always wanted a major league baseball… I have gotten over 50 minor league balls since my area is so great and I’m a boss but I’ve never caught the infamous MLB ball

  5. I tried. I really tried to like it, But baseball is one of the most boring events I’ve ever seen in my life. I just don’t get it. I understand playing it. That makes sense. I just don’t get watching it.

  6. “way to use your elbows sir”
    “I’m gonna knock over the camera, elbow you in the jaw”
    This guy isn’t a “fan”, he’s a collector

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