Learn how to take a slap shot in hockey with a step by step on ice video tutorial for hockey players.

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  1. I’ve been playing for years. When I was 11 the coaches basically compared a slap shot to how a golfer swings but obviously with our hands apart. I never got the hang of it so I just worked on my wrist shot. Now that I’ve watched this I’m going to try and finally perfect my slap shot. It’s only been 27 years so it’s about time. Haha! Cheers!

  2. not all true. how do you explain bobby hull’s 100 mph slapshot with a 1960 wooden stick. Yes technic but strong upper body definitely helps.

  3. Tips: When taking a slap shot from the point (blue line), it’s preferable to keep it low so your players in front of the net have a chance to deflect the puck or grab a rebound if it hits the goalie. As a forward, I almost never use slap shots as it takes longer to execute and it’s not as accurate as a wrist shot.

    In the NHL, Shea Weber (Montreal Canadiens) and Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins) are renowned for their hard slap shots. PK Subban (Nashville Predators) also has a very good one. Notice, all these guys are defensemen.

  4. Excellent instructional on Slap shots… One note to add: The lower arm needs to stay rigid ..ie DO NOT bend the elbow of the lower arm at any time during the shot…. Bending that elbow will loose power in the shot and loose consistency….. When I need extra power from shooting from the point…I use my forward momentum body weight entirely into the shaft during the weight transition.. So I transfer weight from back foot …shaft…then front foot… This will load the stick with more energy.. So if the shaft snaps during the shot, I am basically going to be face planted on the ice…It has happened…LOL

  5. If I’m a right-handed shot should by wrist pronate and roll inward at all, or just stay open during the follow through? Trying to get the puck to lift up more.

  6. i personally learned by just doing slap shots a lot. Now i play in a ice hockey team but before that i did learn a slap shot just by doing it constantly when on the ice.

  7. For some reason when I take a slap shot, I don’t get any air but when I do, it’s only a few inches. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

  8. Im a lefty and Ive been watching your video, I get it right on occasion. However, most of the time my lower left hand hurt so much from slap shots. Im not sure what Im doing wrong, perhaps holding the stick wrong.

  9. I can slap shot well whilst the puck is coming towards me, but when it is still I struggle to get it off the ice. Any help is much appreciated.

  10. Dropping your hands below your kneecaps forces you to put more pressure on the stick thus providing more power

  11. going bar down from the hash marks is terrible. if you are going to be launching from near the blue line or even top of circle, this will be in the glass or hit somebody in the face lol. I keep the puck closer to my back foot. low and hard.

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