The awareness phase of marketing is the most expensive. 

Luckily, every four years, you get a gift — The Olympic Games!

If you’re prepared, the Games can do the heavy ‘awareness phase’ lifting for you and your gym. But it’s your job to grab on and use that momentum to make parents think of your preschool gym program when they want to enroll their child in gymnastics.

In short, the Olympics are making the wave and you’ve not only got to ride it. You want to squeeze every drop of potential out of it!

Most people will tell you how to get kids into the gym, but few tell you the tried and true ways to keep them there. 

For that, I’ve put together a new guide—one that actually focuses on retaining the clients you have first, then setting your program up to ride the Olympic wave with new clients. Here’s a peek…

The Game Plan:

  1. Educate – With a long runway

    It may sound counter intuitive but it’s important to start increasing engagement, creating authority on your knowledge about gymnastics and creating a community in your preschool program with the clients you already have. 

  2. Hype – Fist pumping and Woo Hoo! 

    You want to create an environment where your preschool program is the most amped up, knowledgeable and the place to join in on the excitement of the games. Remember, Olympians were preschool gymnasts once, too!

  3. Hub Program: Ride the Wave! – Your preschool program is THE PLACE to be!

    Your preschool program is ready, you’re the hub of Olympic excitement, now it’s time to put your focus on being seen as the place to be for amazing preschool gymnastics!

  4. Retain: What good is all this wave riding, only to have your number fall a few months later?

Hooray! You’ve got waitlists and your classes are full- but let’s keep them that way.

I’m showing you exactly HOW to do all of this (and more). 

The guide is 100% free!

If you’re cool with that, have at it! I’m excited to help you grow your gym!