How to watch football (or soccer) online? 7 free live streaming sites. Use Movavi Screen Recorder to capture best football highlights:
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Watching football on TV is thought to be the easiest way to cheer for your favourite team. But what if you have no TV and are looking for an easy way to watch football online? Especially for you, we’ve picked out the top websites that offer live sports broadcasts. In this video, you’ll learn about the best football streaming sites and how to easily record a football live stream.

🏈What are the best websites to watch football online?🏈

➤ Live SoccerTV (
On Live SoccerTV you can easily navigate through a list of upcoming matches that can be watched online, plus you can search for specific competitions, teams, and TV channels.

➤ Feed2All (
Despite its old-fashioned design, Feed2All provides instant access to live streaming of many sports games.

➤ WatchESPN
With WatchESPN, you can watch football matches in the English Championship League, Major League Soccer, or other soccer leagues around the world. You can also use WatchESPN to see highlights from recent matches.

➤ CricHD (
Choose the sports you like, select a league, and get free instant access to a live-streamed match

➤ SuperSport (
On SuperSport, you can watch football matches all around the world. SuperSport also offers live streams for rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, and other sports.

➤ Social442 (
Social442 claims to be the largest sports social network. In addition to connecting with fellow football fans and soccer prediction tools, you can use Social442 to watch live streams.

➤ VIP Box Sports (
Yet another website with a simple design, VIP Box Sports offers various live streams – including football streams.

📺 How to record a football live stream 📺

With the Movavi Screen Recorder app, you can easily capture streaming videos to watch later on any device.

➤ Open the web page containing the stream you want to capture, launch Movavi Screen Recorder and click the “Screen recording” icon.

➤ Draw the capture frame over the video. You can then change the frame dimensions manually.

➤ To start recording right away, hit the red REC button.Or, you can set the specific time to start and finish the recording in advance.

➤ Once you’ve captured the video, click Stop.

➤ Trim the material in the preview window and delete any unwanted parts. Click “Save as”, choose the desired video format, specify the file name and destination folder. Finally, hit “Save”.

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How to Watch Football Online?🏈

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