You can find best BMX tutorials in RIDERS App available for iOS and Android — Join the community, track the progress and share your success! In this video Pavel Terentyev gives a trick tip on how to X-Up on BMX.

It is one of the easiest tricks which you have to master before starting more advanced tricks. What you do is turn the handlebars a 180° while in the air. The X-Up is spun towards your front leg. It is helpful to start from a prep exercise. Try riding with hands crossed and definitely try executing the move while lying on the back. All of this will help you to get used to an unusual body and arms position.

Now it is time to move to a fanbox. Start from a regular straight jump while in the air stay relaxed, keep your arms and legs straight. Now try turning the wheel at least 90°, only do this at the peak of the jump. Make sure your arms turn the bars strictly in plane. Now work on increasing the handlebars turn, avoid hitting your knees with the bars, keep your legs straight all the time.

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