28 year old Pam is a naturist who devotes her life to championing body positivity and female empowerment. We follow Pam at work at a nudist campsite as she helps her fellow naked guests pitch their tents in high winds and reveals the virtues of life with your kit off.

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  1. The government taxes us and is too controlling! I enjoy nudisisam and if it offense anyone then they should not visit my home. The intention of God in the beginning. was that we be necked and not ashamed.

  2. I’m a naturist too…

    …with the blinds closed and the doors locked in my own apartment, so that women outside wouldn’t get crazy for my man titties.

  3. Why they blurr it? The body is the most normal thing in the world ! If you blur it, it means it it sometihing bad or wierd.

  4. Clothes are made so we don’t freeze, we should not go back to times where we were freezing and almost extinct, it’s deadly not to wear clothes

  5. Why are we devolving back into the cave age, we will all die without clothes, we made clothes for a reason, so we don’t freeze

  6. Our society has perverted morality to the extent of making nakedness offensive and obscene while acts of murder, which is what abortions are, are totally legal. Being naked is regarded as an act of obscenity worthy of arest while someone on a salary of millions per annum is fine, nothing obscene to repoort. What a sick world it truly is.

  7. This is the future of mankind. Respect for the individual and not being bound by bigoted ideas about modesty. Personal liberty and deciding for oneself what the soul finds natural.

  8. Some moaning about this film being censored. I think unlike naturists, some are just voyeurs. Which we encountered on some beaches.

  9. Nudists: “We’re nudists! Don’t censor our bodies!”

    Also nudists: If you don’t like what you see, look away…

    It’s kind of a natural response to look at something that’s uncommon or uncommonly shown… Which is why it’s censored, because not everyone wants to see what they can’t help but look at. This also show that these “naturists” are really about being noticed. Why care if your body is censored if all you’re about is being physically free and not the attention of others? As long as your body is free, it shouldn’t really matter if it’s covered up by blurs on a video, right? You people just want to be seen naked, that’s all it really is.

  10. I enjoy naturism. Recently I have been wearing a cock-ring and have had some dirty looks and even some negative comments. Does anyone have any views on this?

  11. I was wondering if the censor official might slip up while getting excited. Is it worth showing a video when half of it is obliterated?


  13. if you can be nude on your terrace or just in your house you’ll feel a different sense of freedom

  14. Why are these comments in the comment section like talking about the cencor.. Well, there are children who mau watch it, probably..

  15. This attitude will solve the world’s clothing issues. The weather needs to be supportive though.

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