Man of the Match in Madrid last week, Man of the Match in London this week – We will soon need to build an extra house just for N’Golo Kante’s honours at this rate.

To think that so many of us fans actually even debated selling this guy not so long ago is beyond belief (I have proof of some polls that were not too favourable for the French international). But we have to remember this was when he was going through a period of time suffering constant injuries, and the fact he was aging as well created a valid question, do you cash in on him while you can?

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Well we all unanimously agree on the answer to that stupid question now, right? No, you don’t. Cashing in on Kante is like selling a mansion in favour of a shed. You don’t even contemplate it.

When they say that having Kante on the pitch is like having two players although it is factually incorrect and impossible, it genuinely IS like having an extra player on the pitch – Kante can outrun anyone and he can be defending in our 18-yard box one second, then literally 5 seconds later be helping Chelsea create a goal at the other end. He really IS two players, it isn’t even ‘like’ having two players, it IS having two players.

Last night he bossed Real Madrid again and I couldn’t care less what Toni Kroos claims about Chelsea not having any players that cause him nightmares, this guy was waking up sweating with Kante’s face in his eyes at least three times last night, I guarantee it.

Kante is not only a robot, he is a world-class football playing robot and one of a kind. Will we ever see a player like Kante again? I doubt that. How do you ever even think about replacing a player like Kante? That is something that scares me to death!

I have never known a football player with his engine, he can literally run all day and would not be tired. Again, that is not even an exaggeration.

N’Golo, you hero, you absolute humble hero. This man left Stamford Bridge in a Mini last night, he doesn’t care for the flash cars, he doesn’t want the praise, he just wants to play football for a living and go about his day. What a guy.


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