With the announcement of the first Crossfit Open workout 21.1, Mike Catris (The Athlete Program Head Coach) and Owen Jones (The Athlete Program Affiliate Programmer) breakdown the workout and provide you with their “Top Tips” to help you improve your Open score. They also guide you through the standards and provide you with warm-up ideas to help you navigate the workout and if your an affiliate owner, help and guide your athletes through 21.1

Crossfit Open Standards – https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2021

To view a comprehensive list of programs The Athlete Program has to offer visit “The Athlete Program” website – https://theathleteprogram.com/

For Time: (15 Minute Time Cap)
1 Walk Walk
10 DU’s
3 Walk Walks
30 DU’s
6 Walk Walks
60 DU’s
9 Walk Walks
90 DU’s
15 Wall Walks
150 DU’s
21 Wall Walks
210 DU’s

CrossFit Games Open 21.1: