The Largest Paintball game in the US! ION 2019 with over 4000 players making paintball markers sounding like white noise for 75 years and counting! I hope you guys enjoy!
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  1. This pops up in my feed almost a year later. I am right in front at 0:36 in blue. Did not even know that was you.

  2. i have been watching for a while i watch this vid over 12 times because of you i bought a blue paintball gun and i a full kit

  3. quick question. when you travel to big events or out of state games, do you camp or stay at a hotel

  4. You the man. Visit Michigan. We love paintballing here. I recommend Hell Paintball Park or lone wolf paintball. Maybe I can play with you if you come here

  5. I seen you at this event and you were wearing that green hat and I was like that’s save the paint! So I started shooting at you just trying to get you 😂! MERICA

  6. This was the best event i ever went to. The allies crushed us tho. I tired to find you but i couldn’t😔🤙

  7. Guys, do you think the application “Urban guerilla” in google play helps to hone the skills of shooting combat? Or is it just a shooter in the real world?

  8. I’ve been watching your videos for a little while now and I have taken a huge liking to your play style. I’m proud to say that some of the refs at Dynamic will not forget me! Thank you for inspiring such a crazy and awesome play style for the game! Keep up the good work man and I hope I get to play with you some day!

  9. Hey man I was wondering if you had any extra springs specifically for a spyder victor II because I was cleaning my room and somehow it got thrown away somewhere and its gone but if you don’t its fine but I am willing to pay

  10. Really wish I could have gone to ION this year I was away on vacation but I’ll probably go next year, great videos man keep up the great work

  11. It was great sharing that battle on bunker Hill with you dude you are a total beast.

    -goon squad
    (I’m the flag guy)

  12. Most honest player I’ve seen out there. Like it when you’re at our field.
    I’ll always believe you in a situation when I’m reffing lol.

  13. One of your best videos, however for future reference try adding in music and speed up the video for highlights only. Just a suggestion.

  14. come to the uk we are having a piantball event and there is around 600 people its three days long and really fun if you are intrested look on the website mayhem paint ball and its called the big game

  15. Hey save the paint iv been subbed for a very long time and I just wanna say keep up the great work

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