As we enter what may be a dark period in our nation’s history – the Trump era – let us remind ourselves of baseline ideals we will never let go of.


  1. “It reminds us of all that was once good, and it can be again” this game is our root, our pastime. It defines America .

  2. Very few scenes in this movie do I not tear up. Of course the ending the flood gates open. There is a reason it is called “The Notebook for guys”.

  3. 1:52..Reminds us of what once was good??..When the man making the speech, couldn’t play mlb, because of his skin color…Yeah, times were really good

  4. James Earl Jones is so awesome. Just like in the Sandlot, when he’s talking to them about baseball.

  5. frstbse1 Dear Frisbee. What in the living hell does TRUMP have to do with Field of Dreams.? Seek psycological help.

  6. I love James Earl Jones. He could give the phone book gravitas just by reading it. However, I always thought this monologue (as written) was a little corny. Not anymore. Let’s play ball, damnit. Let’s play ball.

  7. The video poster’s snarky comment about our great president notwithstanding, what we need desperately in addition to our houses of worship reopened & getting back to work is baseball.

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