The Golden State Warriors defeated the Utah Jazz, 131-119. Stephen Curry (32 PTS, 5 REB, 9 AST) led the Warriors, while Andrew Wiggins contributed 28 PTS and 3 STL. Rudy Gobert paced the Jazz with 24 PTS, 28 REB, 2 STL and 4 BLK.

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Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors – Mar. 15 at 10:30pm/et on ESPN
Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics – Mar. 16 at 7:30pm/et on TNT

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  1. Is that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson wearing #7 ? Wow, first the UFC and now professional basketball. Dude’s a beast!!!

  2. TANDUAY RUM @ 8:19 … is this the same tanduay in the Philippines? Did they mispelled rHum? Or this isnt the one?? Enlighten me pls…

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  9. Look at curry from two defender while draymond drive the basket easy screen from steph sacruficing his body

  10. So boring to watch NBA this days. Games like this are an absolute sleeping pill. Thanks for the highlights.

  11. When i said earlier that jazz are posers many got angry. This jazz team is nothing but a trying hard to be the spurs or warriors of old. They played good basketball but lately they have been showing a first round exit quality like when they lost to the nuggets last season. They are somewhat improved than last season but until they make some major trades they will never be a threat to compete for a championship.

  12. Jordan Poole has arrived ..The former Wolverine standout has benifited from his G League stint

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  14. Kinda funny and strange how this unreal victory by the warriors against the jazz on Curry’s bday wasn’t even mentioned on any sports take segment..been searching first take, undisputed and no news..

  15. Winning against a tough no. 1 seed today is quite a feat. Consistency and breaks, a lot more of those might make them win more. If not, well, those winning games are nice to watch apart from the losing games which showed their flaws, namely, inconsistencies and broken plays.

  16. We at smoke wanted podcast think curry is the best shooter EVER 💨💨💨 let us know if we are wrong 💨💨💨

  17. Steph barely looks a day older than his first Summer League game! I was actually in Vegas for that. Saw him at the Bellagio (?) lobby along w/ some of the other staff. He bricked so many shots that I was starting to feel skeptical. But look how far he’s come… <3

  18. The warriors gonna surprise many in playoffs is all im saying and if they had klay they could easily be the favorites of the west or second right behind the lakers b honest with yourselves

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