Russell Westbrook (35 PTS, 15 REB, 13 AST) and Bradley Beal (43 PTS) combined for 78 PTS to lead the Wizards past the Jazz, 131-122. Donovan Mitchell tallied a season-high 42 PTS (33 in the 2nd half) for Utah, while Joe Ingles added a career-high 34 PTS, including a career-high and Jazz franchise record tying 8 3PM.

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  3. Seeing Westbrook playing hard with the low fade brings back memories from his early Super Sonic/ OKC days👌🏾

  4. This why u gotta love Russ…after the way the Sac game ended I knew he would come out and have this type of game…the wizards looked locked in defensively and when they do they have a legit chance against anybody…and Brad just bn Brad smooth 40 no antics 😂😂

  5. Anyone else bugged that there was still 0.3 seconds left when that final dunk went through the hoop?

  6. Eye am at Home Crying at the Comments, The Westbrook Haters Are Actually Artificial Intelligence 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 Dead ass

  7. yeah this Wizards team makes no sense, as a Jazz fan, it was like watching them play a big time contender, wizards were balling and yet they’re at the bottom of the east?? I guess anybody can lose in the NBA.

  8. The Utah Jazz is the Utah Jazz biggest enemy. Also, Bojan needs to go. Dude can’t shoot for shit right now, turns the ball over I would say 60% time he has it and +/- has been GOD AWFUL over the past several games. I wish we could some how pick up Sabonis. That would be the missing puzzle piece for the Jazz.

  9. Imagine if the Wizards learn how to close out on the shooters better. It would’ve been a blowout…..

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  11. After the Kings loss, I did some heavy ass drinking, so I’m pretty sure I’m drunk now that I see that we beat the fkn JAZZ

  12. Don’t look now, Westbrook is averaging 21.8 point 9.6 rebounds and 10.1 assists for the season

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