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That was a clip from the next new episode of Jessie. As you can see, NBA player Chris Bosh is guest starring in Say Yes to the Messy Dress… and the storyline goes that Jessie offers to introduce all of the kids to the basketball All-star. Keep in mind that Chris has a bunch of scenes with Debby Ryan and the entire cast — in fact, he’s in town for a big game — and Luke messes around with him by washing his lucky socks — uh oh. And hence the name of the episode — Say Yes to the Messy Dress — Jessie accidentally damages a designer dress that’s meant for Emma. Yikes. Tune into the Disney Channel Friday, January 18 at 8:30pm eastern pacific. I’m Dana Ward — see you next time on ClevverTV!

Okay, so we’ve been hearing about Justin Bieber’s acoustic album for a while now, and right now we’re breaking down the latest details — including what Justin is saying about the new songs. We’ll start off with the tracklist, as a reminder! Some tracks that you already know and love which will be featured in acoustic form are Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me, Beauty and the Beat, She Don’t Like The Lights, Take You, Be Alright, All Around the World and Fall. And then there’s Yellow Raincoat, I Would and Nothing Like Us. Justin tweeted out about the #newmusic, saying QUOTE Ready? With everything going on I’m gonna tell u myself how I feel.” He’s also been conducting a countdown for his fans, adding in the word “honest” most recently. This is said to be attached to Nothing Like Us, reportedly it’s about young love. And we hear that Yellow Raincoat is also definitely about Selena. So what do you think JB will say in the new music about his relationship — and more specifically about his breakup — with Selena? What will he reveal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and subscribe right now to ClevverTV for all of your Justin Bieber music updates. I’m Dana Ward, bye for now.

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  1. (CLIQUE MEMBERS), READY TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN: Back in fifth grade, I had a teacher (I would say her name, but I don’t want to get in any legal trouble). So this teacher’s cousin happened to be the chef that served Chris Bosh (We interviewed this guy and everything). Chris Bosh was featured on Jessie, and Debby Ryan was also on Jessie. Debby Ryan knows Josh Dun. I know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows JOSH DUN (this isn’t bragging, just wanted to share a connection I made).

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