Salute the late, great Dutch maestro, who piled plenty of highlights into the 1974 FIFA World Cup™, when he and the Oranje pushed the boundaries of football.


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  3. Same fate goes with Messi..After few decade we will watch same documentory on you tube where as Messi didnt lift the world cup but in the same level Pele,Maradona so on

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  5. The greatest jersey number in football history is 13 and 14
    the owner of those number are gerd muller and johan cruyff
    Who is watching this in 2021 plz hit the like

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  7. Cryuff’s 14 rules:
    Team player – ‘To accomplish things, you have to do them together.’;

    Responsibility – ‘Take care of things as if they were your own.’;

    Respect – ‘Respect one another.’;

    Integration – ‘Involve others in your activities.’;

    Initiative – ‘Dare to try something new.’;

    Coaching – ‘Always help each other within a team.’;

    Personality – ‘Be yourself.’;

    Social involvement – ‘Interaction is crucial, both in sport and in life.’;

    Technique – ‘Know the basics.’;

    Tactics – ‘Know what to do.’;

    Development – ‘Sport strengthens body and soul.’;

    Learning – ‘Try to learn something new every day.’;

    Play together – ‘An essential part of any game.’;

    Creativity – ‘Bring beauty to the sport.’
    Sad I wasn’t born in his era…but from what I have seen…he is truly a gem of a genius.

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  9. Holland n 1 Cruijf e una leggends e un top player e un fenomeno dall’Olanda sono italoolandese 🇳🇱⚽👍❤️ ciao italia

  10. Cruyff isn’t just one of the best players that ever existed, he’s also the best ever manager. This combination makes him THE only GOAT.

  11. This Holland side of 1974 was truly outstanding and deserved a first World Cup only to come up playing old enemy West Germany in the final. Cruyff, Rep, Neeskens and the rest were a dream team.

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  14. Johan Cruyff looks similar with George Best. Skinny Long Leg, long hair. But a little bit handsome George Best. Best like The Bettles member haha

  15. Although he executed it much better, Cruyff didn’t invent the Cruyff turn. He got the inspiration for it from Adrian Alston.

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