Jonathan Toews First NHL goal appears to go off the crossbar and out. I said the same thing when the goal was first scored but figured I was crazy but if you look closely it definitly hits the post. Let me know if you think otherwise.


  1. You can see it go in with the camera angle you chose. Pucks bounce on the mesh when it hits the mesh that’s near the post because there is more tension. You can’t even hear it hit the post at all either

  2. @dylan06hotmailcom has removed it. If you go to the game you can see every goal except this one.

  3. @ebtricks If the ref doesn’t catch it and drops the puck their is nothing they can do. If you look the goal up on it has been removed. I even found a highlight pack with the goal in it except they had the screen paned down so you couldn’t see the crossbar. If you look at the original its more definitive only problem is they have removed it. I have been told to just leave this alone so their must be something to it lol.

  4. @fready2009 Toronto reviews every play, and this one without question was a goal. It’s very similar to Burrows’ overtime winner against the Hawks this year. Just because the naked eye from a certain angle can’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not a goal.

  5. My goal for this video was to prove that fans are Blind when it comes to judging a play made by their own team. People see what they want to see or don’t even look because this is their team or a player for their Country. This is why every penalty is a bad penalty, every hit on the home player is a dirty hit, every goal review that doesn’t go your way is a bad one, every trade or move made by a rival team is a bad one and every move your team makes is a blockbuster.

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