The refs broke it up quickly but Jonathan Toews was ready to go toe-to-toe with Jake Muzzin after the Maple Leafs defenceman leveled Brandon Saad with a hit against the boards.

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  1. Good thing the linesman broke that up – hockey was almost exciting and fun again, god forbid…

  2. That’s pure leadership by Jonathan Toews he could have just left and not cared about it

  3. i mean i dont blame toews. if i was in his position and one of my teammates got obliterated id choke the dude that hit him

  4. Lol the first ref was perfectly okay with letting them go at it for a bit, but the second ref comes flying in like, “no,no,no Jon I’m down by one goal in my Yahoo league, I need you”

  5. 2 each for roughing and 2 for the captain for standing up for his teammate after a dirty interference hit. SMH this back fired on you didn’t it NHL Hawks got momentum from this

  6. From a Wings fan, gotta tip the hat to Toews for dropping them without a second thought. Let ’em fight it out though refs, cmon.

  7. Stupid hit, near the boards, and while the player is looking up. Dangerous to hit a player in that position.

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