In this video I breakdown why Joe Rogans Kicks are SO POWERFUL!!

But did you now Joe Rogan has a podcast! Did you know this? Joe Rogan also was in Fear Factor? Did you know this? Joe Rogan only eats meats.. Did you know this? Did you know Joe Rogan has the most powerful kicks on Earth… Did you know this? Did you know Joe Rogan has an experience? HMMM?! Joe Rogan is more powerful than Francis Ngannou..

Okay this joke is old. Joe Rogan definitely has some dope kicks, hopefully I do a good job of showing you WHY Joe’s Roundhouse Kick, Side Kick and Spinning Back kick have so much force!

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  2. Funny how you dont know who joe rogan is..but you mention gorila kuscle 😀 great that you became a fan. Im happy for you 😀

  3. i challenge you to prove that against me. if youre so confident in your ability and knowledge ill bet $10,000 cash you are incorrect that sidekicks dont work, ill prove it too. we can spar and you wont be able to do shit even if i only used side kicks gaurenteed 10,000 cash money down lets go, you dont know shit and ill prove it on camera.

  4. I came up in taekwondo. I learned it was a no no to bring your leg straight up and down. Heel pointed to target is ideal. Not to say that it doesn’t have a place. Good for fake outs. Not for power.

  5. You’re kidding about side kicks right?!! If you think side kicks don’t work… it’s likely because you’re probably shit at them. Being able to throw one efficiently isn’t the same as throwing one effectively. They can be thrown from multiple different angles and hidden as retreats that explode and utilize an opponent’s attacking momentum against them. It’s a powerful kick that can knock someone right on their ass. Spin back kicks… I wouldn’t recommend though. I’m never comfortable turning my back on an opponent. Side kicks front kicks and round kicks are all potent when used right. TKD black belt and one time #1 nationally ranked fighter here. Side was my bread and butter… I would use it like a jab to regulate distance, and set it up to use as power strike. I’ve seen broken ribs and people get the wind knocked out of them. Please tell me you’re just trying to troll Joe to get on his show lol

  6. Ummm take a side kick to the knee when it locked in place and tell me it doesn’t work. Lol

  7. Saying side kicks don’t work is dumb because the way Joe throws it and how quickly he fires it off if a average joe on the street was in his face and he threw that kick right to the ribs most people would already be out of the fight then and there. People who have never been kicked in the ribs/stomach and also don’t see it coming… Yeah they don’t want anymore once they feel it.

  8. This guy couldn’t be more full of shit if he tried….shame there’s too many of them about

  9. Too bad Karate is a fake martial art, although I still respect it. Mixed martial arts are where it’s at. Yes, I’m aware Karate is also mixed martial arts, but a good chunk of it is… Well, not practical in an actual fight

  10. Can you analize Valentina shevenkos spinning back kick technique it looks very powerful but I’m not karate guy

  11. The only sidekick that worked was ..
    Wait for it …
    Clarence Clemmons!
    Thunder Road baby!

  12. What do you mean they don’t work?
    When I hit those elementary schoolers across the road, they start to cry. That means they work

  13. Hi guys I need a little help: can someone clarify that whole “sidekicks don’t work” thing for me? XD
    I feel like it’s just a meme and meant ironically because everyone knows they do and they’re mocking someone who said they don’t but I’m really not sure…

    Since I can’t go to the gym currently due to lock down I’m training technique at home and I do practice sidekicks a lot.

  14. I was more impressed when I saw a guy with a broken back, in jeans and cowboy boots do it. 😅 Young dude got knocked slap tf out by an old guy with a cane. Never saw it coming

  15. It’s because he was demonstrating it slowly and could balance much easier by standing straight.. seems like that is that obvious reason for the discrepancy of his demonstration.

  16. I remember Joe trying to teach Callen a kick, bring your knee up and fully extend your leg. Callen said he’s not flexible enough and Rogan said flexibility has nothing to do with it.

  17. Man I’m so mad at my first MA instructor teaching me so many things wrong. I had allot of speed and power naturally so they focused on pushing control which is great until you start using control exercises as base muscle memory techniques and then need to unlearn that for the sake of practical application. I guess on the bright side I can throw an amazing roundhouse without dropping my guard now but it really damaged my sparring when I started in a new gym for a little while.

  18. Look DUDE i’m no martial arts practitioner, but i can tell u this much, a side kick is a defensive move to keep the distance just like a front kick to the legs, something to work doesn’t mean it has to be an offensive move.

  19. I wonder if you could wring out all the sweat from the dojo floor and sell it as a TRT preparation

  20. That sweat acts as a lube between him and the ground thus speeding up his acceleration on his side kick thus amping up the power of his side kick only a man like him can do it like that

  21. Lmfao bro you earned a subscription your humor is off the damn charts!!!!! Dmt as a unit of measurement! Hahahahaha

  22. I’ve never seen a channel with a video that had a thumbnail of the host looking like a surprised jack455 with a finger up his bunghole.
    -Now imagine a cutaway with hundreds of content providers looking like a finger is in their buttholes on their thumbnails.

  23. that was a flawless strawman argument.
    JR explains that the weaker faster version is when the foot goes in a straight line from the stance to the target.
    in the stronger version the foot goes up vertically and then horizontally into the target (obviously exaggerated due to explaining)
    and in the actual sidekick the foot moves in a curve.
    what a big revelation…

  24. A guy from the weakest, most sold out of all the martial arts wants to throw shade at a legit martial artist. Go back to giving out belts to those who don’t deserve it just because they’ve been paying you a certain amount of time and not based on their actual skills

  25. Iwe never heard anyone who sounds more sarkastic without trying than when they are before. So sins im not a fighter I have no idé if he was any good or not. Could not tell by listening to you.

  26. Hey Sensei Seth, Joe also talks about the key issue of making sure you bring your knee up during the turn to drive through, most people keep their knee down and swing it around low.

  27. What lifting the knee first does is prevent trying to convert a mule kick into a side kick. My bet that is the main problem he had to deal with when teaching.

  28. We should sSe Rogan so he can react to it, not to diss him or anything just for the sole purpose so you can say that joe rogan reacted and commented about your video

  29. In sanda and kung fu we’re taught to pull the knee to our chest and then shoot out and turn the hips. Idk why the feck you would pick your knee straight up before kicking

  30. Literally doesn’t talk about the most important aspect of that kick. Probably should listen to the video. His kicking KNEE is how he generates all that force. Watch the video.

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