After a childhood full of athletic humiliation, Kyle Kinane finally nabs a moment of sports glory only for it to suddenly turn tragic. (Contains strong language.)

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  1. Get ready to cringe – watch comedians’ most insane fails from This Is Not Happening here:

  2. I almost feel bad skipping the intro after seeing the amount of work and money they put into it

  3. Feel sorry for this guy… he needed a better day to teach him how to be a man and compete. I never understood people like this but now I do, they weren’t properly raised.

  4. Someone in that audience has the worst laugh in the world, now I’ve noticed it the video is unwatchable

  5. Baseball is gay. Brah, my pit scoffed when you talked bout about Baseball, im a Bears fan. I enjoy hitting people an rugby… cause I’m from Chicago and crazy…. but not crazy enough to shoot

  6. I remember seeing Kyle at the underground comedy shows I used to go to when I lived in LA. I’m glad he has achieved so much success since those early years. He’s a great comedian.

  7. I learn so much watching this I didn’t know men could get osteoporosis

  8. Coaches in baseball ⚾️ wear the uniform because the manager used to also be a player. Pete Rose was actually the last official player/manager in the MLB. Funny skit though.

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