Leading up to the 2021 US Nationals. Our first casualty:( Lipeatt, Konnor McClain out. Riley 1 event. UPDATED Wednesday

Nationals start on Friday or Saturday. This blog will lead up to Podium training unless something else comes up…

Wednesday June 2nd

More podium training. Jade Carey doing triple twisting “laid out” attempts. No way she gets credit for this skill. It’s a horrible mess. The second video of the same skill. Funny how others get nit picked on form but she does this and everyone loves it. This is called chucking. Chellsie Memmel almost getting through a bar routine (Looking pretty good form wise to boot) Sunisa Lee looking good on bars. Remember she fell at classics last year then hit the rest of the way. Inside Gym tweets (No Video) Hernandez hitting a full bar set. Simone fell on her double double but hit a few later. I’ll just repeat stuff. Check out their twitter for info. Riley McCusker fell on her dismount but hit her routine. Leanne did her double double dismount on bars but tucked the last double. McCallum nailed floor. Morgan falling all over the place on beam. NOT NATIONALS RELATED. Training for Larisaand Maria at the World Cup (Seriously, why isn’t she bobble wrapped somewhere?)

Tuesday June 1st (Happy birthday Olivia and Tate:)

Riley McCusker will only do bars. Mykayla Skinner last training updates before Nationals. Konnor McClain is out of Nationals and won’t try for trials. IMO, The kid has always kind of been a headcase and this is probably too much pressure on her too soon. Pretty proud that she is smart enough to realize this or her parents are. Will be trying for Worlds. Hernandez weird video announcing she will do the AA. Sofia Butler finished with Elite. NOT NATIONALS NEWS but Marcel Nguyen tore a cruciate ligament and is out of the Olympics. Rumor is Jessica Lopez is out of Pan Ams.

Inside gym has podium training. Tweets will disappear so here are a few links to tweets only [Chellsie] [Hurd] [Hurd 2] [Skinner & McCusker] [Suni Lee] [Suni 2] [Chiles] [Eaker] [Dicello] [Biles] [Blakely] [McCallum] [Aleah Finnegan] [Hernandez] [Sydney Barros and Simone] [Skinner]

Sunday May 30th 2021

I rarely read or look at my twitter but I am guilty of misspelling your name here and there. I did a quick search of her name misspelled and couldn’t find a single mean comment so not sure what offended her. Kids these days..Good luck healing Spaghetti bones 🙂