Listen in as Toronto Maple Leafs Jake Muzzin and Jack Campbell talk about music that was popular in their teenage years, driving etiquette, and if a hot dog really is a sandwich in the latest edition of Leaf to Leaf presented by @Rogers.


  1. Soup you have one of the nicest courses in your home town. Black River. I live right across the pond in Sarnia. Great area for golf and hockey

  2. Two of my favourites!! It’s about time Jack got the Net!! He is showing how much he deserves it! These guys are definitely real “Buds” .. from LA and Now in Toronto! Jack should just be Canadian…he sure talks like a Canadian and his personality is definitely that of a Canadian hockey player!!

  3. What is Austin Matthew's like in the dressing room and what is Jack Campbell like to have a great goalie

  4. Not surprised muzz is a good golfer, with a slapper like that he prob hits it a tonne. Let's see more of that on the ice buds!!! Put a hole in the tender…fear of God and all that!

  5. These two are awesome, Campbell seems quiet but he is definitely a positive guy in the dressing room – You can just tell.

  6. The Mayhem line at it again…hope Galchenyuk keeps it coming and congrats to Hutchy. 👍💪

  7. Wants to go gulfing? Don't be saying that too loud, Habs and Jets fans will hear you and try to pull out those old Leaf jokes.

  8. Jack Campbell should start a vlog channel. Literally cannot wipe the smile from my face when that guy is present

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