K-1 Champion and Karate legend, Nicholas Pettas will be the Sensei to my Daniel-san, Showing me how to assassinate Chris with spicy Wasabi snack.

Also make sure to check out Nick’s channel “The Tokyo Show”



  1. Ryo’s viewership is collapsing without Chris around. From 200k, to 20k to 4k. RIP Ryo.

  2. Hot damn
    Nicholas co-hosts one of my favourite NHK shows, Imagine-nation, a show about anime, and I’ve always liked his very friendly personality, but I never realized he’s actually a martial arts legend! Wow!

  3. Sensei: Listen very carefully!
    Student: OSU!
    Sensei: Your opponent is the enemy! Just kill them and run away before the police catch you! No mercy!

  4. It’s interesting he has his full name in katakana on his black belt. Is that common with that art? In Taekwondo (which is Korean, I know), we only have last names.

  5. Dont mention the peasent🤫
    Admirable funny guy, a bit even like the peasent, who shall not be named🤫
    Fun stream

    Fun thing krenn in german area gets used as wasabiy because its also fresh rubbed off the krenn vegetable. And burns as much.
    Sweet curry😻

    Manga recommendation about karate, karate shikoushi kohinara minoro, really well researched,mma and others, and it becomes a gripping fun mma story. Abd surprisingly realistic, mostly.

  6. I learned Karate from a Marine that was stationed in Okinawa for 20 years. His Sensei was a 4th degree black belt. He was raised to second degree black belt, the highest rank a non-native person could achieve. He taught me self defense. How to be peaceful, how to meditate. He also made me punch a board until my knuckles broke and became weapons.
    His weapon of choice was hand spikes, poisoned.
    I hope he is still alive, that Clayton E. McComb

  7. Man, I love Nicholas Pettas. Really liked his fights during K-1 and the documentary when he visited Hakuho to get some sumo training. Also enjoyed his other martial arts documentaries.

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