Both teams were left to rue their missed chances as Leeds and Chelsea were forced to settle for a scoreless draw at Elland Road. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #LeedsUnited #Chelsea
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Leeds United v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/13/2021 | NBC Sports


    this is a game that needed odoi on the right, pulisic on the left, giroud in the middle
    when you play a high pressing team, you need players that can hold their spot ( giroud)
    run at their box consisitently ( odoi & pulisic)

    5 mins in, he was already screaming like a nut case ( a sign of the un-prepared)
    5 min in, he should taken chilwell out, move Cesar to the left, put james to the right
    or bring silva in, take out jorginho, put james at mid left with kante & kovacic

    someone tell the dumb mgr QUIT MAKING STRIKERS run all over the field
    playing offense & defense, they do not have endless energy
    I see injuries in the future if it does not stop

  4. to all the tuchel fans
    HOW MANY GOALS PER GAME? the purpose of the game is scoring
    lampard was so bad defensively Tuchel is looking like world beater
    he is not doing anything special (crowd the midfield defense)

  5. Hate to say this but tuchel is ruining pulisic why isn’t he playing anymore when he was prob Chelsea’s best player before he came

  6. Pulisic was great. Idc if he didn’t score, created a lot of good chances. I hope he starts against Atlectico

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  8. I think Pulisic played very well for it being his first start under TT especially considering he was playing out position and on the Right instead of the Left. He created good chances with some nice crosses along the 6 yard box that Havertz has to do a better job of finishing. Havertz also has to score on that chance at 5:40, he needs to hit that low and hard into the left hand corner of the net instead of going high especially with the time he had and only the keeper to beat.

  9. Chelsea’s current manager is doing really well!
    That’s what we are talking about!
    I don’t know what took Chelsea bosses so long to show Lampard the exit!
    Chelsea would have been on top by now!.This time I am able to eat after Chelsea matches!
    Good job Mr Manager.

  10. Havertz is sooooo trash, missed so many chances, he missed 6 yards out with time and space in a 1v1 with the goalkeeper……

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  12. Didn’t Chelsea spend like $80 mil on a goal keeper who is not numba 1. And didn’t they spend like 200 mil last summer

  13. Pulisic needs to be on the left side as that is the side he is much more dangerous on and not having Giroud in there with him is nuts!!!

  14. It’s so painful to watch Bielsa. The guy can’t sit can’t longer than two minutes, can’t stay longer than two minutes, can’t walk longer than two minutes, can’t squat longer than two minutes.

  15. Fucking love mendy. This is what happens when we have an actual goal keeper between the sticks instead of a fucking turkey.

  16. Both teams played some excellent defense without being overly conservative — one of the more enjoyable 0-0 ties.

  17. The sun shone, the rain poured, everything but a goal. That was some poetry lol. Who else chuckled at that last bit?

  18. 2:20 that was so smart by Christensen to fall foward and make bamford offside. He was the only one keeping bamford offside so if it wasn’t for him, that goal would of stood. Love to see him improving because we need solid cb’s and he’s fairy young. 🔥

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  20. Can Leeds and Chelsea play every weekend. And can we get rid of all those tedious unworthy ‘Park the bus’ teams that don’t belong in PL

  21. Chelsea just used Real Madrid tactics in the first Madrid derby.

    Smart move, as Athletico were overpowered by it.

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