Leupold is  not a new brand you would have seen in the industry, this company was started way back in 1907 which now produces a wide array of products mostly focused in optics. You might’ve purchased a telescope sight or spotting scoped from Leupold but here is a rangefinder made to excite all the hunters out there. The RX 1200i is impressive in more ways than one, its DNA technology is probably the most, its ability to obtain ballistic ranges.

Key Features

Weight and Size

This rangefinder would be suitable for you in situations
where you need to carry it around or hang over your neck as it comes with a
pretty light weight, it has a total weight of 7.8 ounces. Some may argue that
it is much heavier than other rangefinders they find out there but taking
account all the features and systems within I think its fair besides, when you
have a heavier rangefinder you will find it more solid in your hands grip and
also more stable. The rangefinder has a dimension of 3.2 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches
which is small and compact, easy to carry around and even to put into your


This powerful rangefinder requires only a single CR2 battery
for it to be functional but given its size and software the single battery
comes to present as being really efficient. With that single battery you will
have a lifespan of up to an entire year providing its normal usage, even with
heavy usage you may last up till 10 months or so.


With the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display which
is reflected into the optical path can be switched between the many ranging
modes manually, as measured in yards (YD) or even meters (M). It also indicates
the true ballistic range in either yards or meters from  the distance. Along with all of that is the
rangefinder’s additional ability to display the angle of the rangefinder to the
target itself.


With the purchase of one of these rangefinders you will also
see in the box a lanyard to attach to the rangefinder, batteries and also a
complete instructions manual which will dig into the deeper information you
need like the display settings etc.


Not to mention that the rangefinder actually comes with a
2-year warranty covered entirely by the Leupold Electronics company, in case
you find any damage or malfunction of the product you will be able to claim the
damage repairs for free providing it is in-line with the conditions.


The Leupold RX 1200i comes with an elite DNA engine (Diginal
eNhanced Accuracy) as mentioned earlier which will allow bow hunters to obtain
the true ballistic range readings of up to 125 yards that is displayed to you
to the nearest 1/10th yard. It comes with a 6x magnification which along with
the OLED delivers 3x more light transmission compared to the LCD displays you
find in other rangefinders. To accommodate the needs of many hunters out there
the rangefinder comes with full-down rubber eyecups which will help
tremendously for people who use glasses. Along with that also is the
fully-multicoated lens system which will ensure a bright and clear image for

With the scan mode which continuously ranges updates, you
will be able to keep track on the target you look at even when they start
moving along with that also scan an area too! To further enhance your hunting
experience the RX 1200i also comes with a fast-focus eyepiece which also comes
with precision clicks to ensure quick adjustment ability. To top it off, the
rangefinder also comes with a LOS (Line Of Sight Distance) that gives you the
accurate straight line distance to the target. Packed with all the features to
make this rangefinder truly a powerful one.


Overall to say the least, this rangefinder is a powerful
tool to be used out there in the field, it comes with all the necessities a
rangefinder possesses and even more. Alongside all of that is that the
rangefinder by Leupold is completely waterproof which will ensure protection in
harsh weather conditions, the battery slot is also well protected to ensure no
dust or moisture gets in which is usually the main cause of  electronic products malfunctioning. This
pocket-sized rangefinder is a deal worth taking and is definitely worth the
money, although it does come with a pretty heavy price tag the fruits that this
rangefinder produces will prove its worth. Hope the article helped you in your
decision, we hope you find the right one to accommodate your needs!