The radio call of Jalen Suggs’ unbelievable game-winner over UCLA is as bonkers as the shot itself. 

What does history sound like?

Romantically, history sounds elegant and sophisticated just as you’d imagine a document of record would. But for Gonzaga’s play-by-play team, history sounded a lot more chaotic and euphoric.

Jalen Suggs gave us a chapter of college basketball history on Saturday night, capping off an iconic Final Four showdown between Gonzaga-UCLA Final Four with a heroic game-winner.  Needless to say, the Gonzaga Bulldogs radio team went ballistic.

Tom Hudson and Adam Morrison’s reaction to the Bulldogs’ 93-90 win over UCLA keeping their perfect season alive en route to Monday Night’s national championship is priceless.

Wait a minute, Adam Morrison?

Yup, it’s the same Adam Morrison, who against UCLA endured in 2006 one of the most heartbreaking losses in NCAA Tournament history. Fifteen years ago, the Bulldogs had an 11-point lead, only to lose it in the final minutes to Arron Afflalo and Co.

Morrison was obviously distraught at the final events and was inconsolable after the final buzzer sounded in the 73-71 loss. His reaction to Suggs’ game-winner is undoubtedly, a greater feeling than the one he felt that night in Oakland.

Jalen Suggs’ shot for Gonzaga will go down as one of college basketball’s greatest moments.

There’s no question that Gonzaga is feeling great after what took place to keep their dream season alive, but the job is not done. Ahead of them lies Baylor and their aggressive approach that shut down Houston in the Final Four. Also, like the Bulldogs, the Bears have never won an NCAA Championship. Their last appearance in the finals was in 1948.

Gonzaga has not made the final since their disappointment in the desert just four years ago against North Carolina. Also, they are looking for perfection, a feat that Indiana State could not pull off in 1979. Like the Bulldogs, the Sycamores entered the final game with a perfect record, only to cede it to Michigan State.

Gonzaga fans, including their radio team, are hoping for a different result. If we thought a buzzer-beater by the Bulldogs to send them to the final was this good, just imagine how it would feel if they did it again? Only this time, it would be to win the national title like Villanova’s Kris Jenkins. You can be assured that the radio call would be beyond legendary.