Juan Catalan was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. To save his life, all he had to do was prove he was one of 56,000 people at a Dodgers Game that night. That’s where Larry David comes in….

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  1. To see him walking during the filming of HBO made me cry and so happy, but even that wasn’t enough. Even the phone calls wasn’t enough ….😞
    Because of the empathy of a judge it was enough to sent him home, how strange is this. Afterwards it seems that the police didn’t do their job and there was prove that gang members killed the girl ……What traumatic

  2. Today in America is Guilty until proven innocent not anymore saying innocent until proven guilty

  3. The prosecutor Beth Silverman only had a motive and a witness as evidence which she thought proved beyond any reasonable doubt it was him?!!!!
    She is a terrible person. Someone should review all her previous successful convictions. There could genuinely be some innocent victims.

  4. Rest in peace little girl, I am happy for Juan though, what a scary thought this could be any of us

  5. OMG. He never imagined that in that baseball game that was defining which team was the winner, his future was also going to be defined.

  6. Two detectives admitted framing this man . and one of them still a police . what do you make of that .
    They do it because they can ?
    Or because we as society allow them to do so …….

  7. The male japanese nearly trot because girdle currently drum against a piquant lace. dry, overrated learning

  8. As soon as the the cops said “You’re guilty, now convince me that you’re not…”, it was no longer “innocent until PROVEN guilty”, the burden of proof doesn’t rely on your suspect.

  9. This one had me in tears because so many black and brown brothas and sistas face this on a daily basis with no happy ending. Especially LA, they give life sentences out like Halloween candy. A father being a good father and taking his baby girl to a baseball game and the getting accused of a murder he had no knowledge of. That hits home because my daughter and son are mixed with Mexican and that is a curse in this racist country. I hope they have it better than we did. You cannot conceal racism anymore, it’s up to the people to end it because at the end of the day, no one army is stronger than the people United together for good. Power to the people ✊🏾

  10. omg…. how amazingly lucky for the camera crew… F the DA and the system. They went off a composite sketch that literally could have profiled a million Hispanic males in LA.

  11. When I seen him walking down the steps. I held my breath and had goosebumps I couldn’t not believe it GOD IS GREAT

  12. My heart strings were pulled when his daughter was in the stand, and the tears were running down his face 😔

  13. I love how prosecutors use words like win a case or lose a case as a mans life is just a game to play with.

  14. I just finished watched this and it made me cry. I got shivers up my spine when I saw the footage of him walking with his daughter.

  15. The outcome is obvious since there’s a documentary on it. And I’m afraid of the rage that will form inside me against the blood thirsty prosecutor.
    Maybe I’ll watch another day.

  16. Just watched the long shot documentary and boy when todd the lawyer said it over and the family is waiting outside my eyes got watery. Those 2 officer should be in jail not remove from detective.

  17. The Deputy District attorney Beth Siñverman was like dumbshit lawyer who just points a guilty person by random choose!

  18. Just watched it and it infuriates me! It’s why our system is broken. That god damn prosecutor knew he was innocent and she still pushed for the conviction. She still pushed to have a man put to death! Happy it turned out how it did but for fucks sake I was mad at that scene.

  19. This guys life could got ruin and his family for ever
    A False testimony
    And they just got move from there job positions

  20. That prosecutor is exactly the same type of person as Kamala Harris was as a prosecute in California. She only cared about her own record. Kamala knew people were innocent and still put them in jail.

  21. His Defense Lawyer Todd Melnik would of been a permanent member of my family after all that! As Citizens we need to change the law and be able to charge the female prosecutor and those cops for false testimony. If they are so willing to end a person’s life based on lies they need to risk their own life before condemning a man.

  22. Favorite thing I ever saw on Netflix! I’m a huge Curb Your Enthusiasm fan & remember watching that episode when it came out, at my Mom’s house. I thought Larry David walking right by him and his daughter, then throwing his hands in the air thanking the crowd was meant to be.

  23. Cried wow. If you don’t believe in a higher power or the universe aligning this is the definition of that

  24. I hate to think what would have happened to Juan if they hadn’t found him in the footage. Great documentary. They kept it short and to the point.

  25. So, what KIND of justice is this ??? If he hadn’t found those images, he would be dead now ??? It’s the prosecutor who must bring evidences and real evidences, not the prosecuted !

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