LongoMatch is a sports video analysis tool for coaches and sports scientists, to assist them on making games video analysis. It simplifies video analysis by providing a set of intuitive tools to tag, review and edit the most importants plays of the game. It allows to group plays by categories and adjust the lead and lag time of each play frame by frame through a timeline. It also has support for playlists, an easy way to create presentations with plays from different games and provides a video editor to render new videos with your favorite plays. Even if it is primary focused to sports, LongoMatch can be used for any task that requires tagging and reviewing segments of a video file, and can be applied to fields like cinema, medics or conferences.


  1. SportsClipMaker is another really good sports analyzing software. Its very simple to use and you can place voice recordings over clips. A great video coaching tool. 

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. I do not get the option to ‘save to project’ in Longomatch 0.20.1 Once I finish with the drawing tool the only option I have is ‘save to file’ in .png format. How do I incorporate the .png into the video?

  3. I don’t now why but I can’t put the link. Google for LongoMatch and you’ll find it or send me a private message and I send you the link.

  4. Cool!!! Isn’t it?
    I haven’t found a rubber in gdk default icons. Will try with GIMP’s one.
    Tanks for your advice!

  5. Wov, congratulations!

    as a little comment, i think is better you change the erase button to a “rubber”.

    What you done is really useful and polished!

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