River Ridge, LA vs Wailuku, HI
Aug 16, 2019


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  4. love to see the kids have fun here but it sucks that 2020 ruined my experience at this but I’m glad these kids had the time of their lives😊

  5. Why would anyone who is not the same age, a parent, a coach, a team player of the team, or a special scout want to watch minor league baseball? I think this sport should be not televised, but taped, for privacy reasons; and given by special courrier only. The tape should then be recorded, and with a witness, and signed for.
    There has been, and is, much too much hanky panky going on with our youngsters, and then ruining them for a lifetime. Too much is promised and not enough given period. Too too too many eyes on one little person. In other words, dufus, people are getting off on our kids. Perves.

  6. My favorite part about little league baseball is when the umpire throws the ball back to the pitcher because it just looks funny

  7. I have so many participation trophies! Some have called me the word’s best participant!

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  12. Man what if that kid threw to 2nd base instead of 1st base how much would be different

  13. I love how everyone dives in LLWS it’s hillarious. They r always so unnecessary. 2019 is not that good the players were nothing compared to 2018

  14. That is not a fast ball my team is 1year younger so we are not in that league but my fast ball is 80 but I just throw about 75

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