NBA 2K20 Top Plays episode 45. Luckiest Trick Shots and Game Winning Plays, highlights and funny moments.


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  1. Nie wieder so ein billiges Spiel wo 98 % nur cheater unterwegs sind, man jedesmal mindestens 45 min warten darf bei Rec . Die Leute die das Spielen und die ganze Community sind dumme …. die man auf der Strasse nur mit Backpfeifen belohnen würden. Jeder hält sich für Michael Jordan im Spiel !!! höher gelevelte Affen sind solche ….. probiert es mal aus und erlebt den Online Park und die menschen die das spielen. Nur Fehler und Bugs im Spiel , ganz klar P2W. Dreckspiel und die Leute zu 98% das selbe !!!! Spielt es und erlebt es selber !!!

  2. I have a lucky trickshot moment, I was at the three line and I just shot it red and I had no stamina

  3. I found this working glitch today after patch 12
    *vcglitch. club* (type site in ur browser without spacce), I got 640 k vc with it so fast

  4. Wtf is going on here?? What is it with these guys all yelling and screaming like females…act like you been there before..must all be people who never do anything on the game that gett all crazy about the shit you see every day

  5. I broke someone then dunked on his teammate and stepped over him but my ps didn’t save the clip

  6. (3:22)When u be in the park and u forget online players don’t pass it like AI “bro its my turn now”🤣🤣🤣

  7. Them half court shots dumb, they just show you when they make the shot, cut out the amount of times it took

  8. 2:30 My clip made it ayyyyyy. What you dont know is that i made that shot at like 69 rating lmaoo

  9. Wow I got a snatch block then an and 1 posterizer from free-throw line with Ben Simmons and didn’t get in? Oh well I’ll get in the next one 🚑

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