Luka Doncic (27 points, 7 assists) Highlights vs. LA Lakers


  1. Hmmmm, Luka, i think you look better on purple and gold. If Lebron retires, Lebron angeles lakers will be Luka angeles lakers.

  2. Luka wlll left Dallas iff they do not find solution and better teammates. LA Lakers are next destination for Luka for exchange for Lebron J.

  3. Dalla should have persued the likes of Ibaka, Powell and Kleiber are trash and Porzingis is always injured

  4. In the last two years, many sleepless nights due to Luka, cheering, support, … This year, Slovenians and his supporters are hiding the truth a little. Luka has gained weight, become more clumsy, stumbles more from game to game, inaccurate throw from all positions, …. Of course part of the team is new, Powell has just started playing after injury, Unicorn is not playing yet, … and then it is as it is, there is nothing else to expect. Luka, you are the “leader” you have to start making changes first. Thank God you have a winning “mindset”, at least you haven’t lost that (yet)!

  5. Let’s face it, it’s going to be a very difficult season for the Dallas Mavericks and that we don’t have a chance against the big teams and also forget that Luka is going to be MVP this season and less hope that Porzingis is going to be our savior.and above all I hope I am wrong about everything I have written and that mavericks have a great season and that luka is the mpv

  6. It’s simple, every Western team got better, but not Dallas. Luka is not in shape and is playing worse.

  7. Lebron james now is more a manager that a player, Dallas is now a worst team that last year, good for Doncic to make great numbers

  8. His some teamates has to play harder doncic doesn’t have a chance if he score 34 points and they still lose the game

  9. Lot’s of panic in the comment section. This game came down to hustle. You have to play hard to win in a league this talented. Play better defense and finish of defensive stands with a rebound and the Mavs are fine. Kristaps will be back before you know it. Just chill, we’re okay. Not a sprint. #marathon

  10. Dallas make a mistake waiting for a max free agent and resinging normal players. They should have go for Ibaka or Marrell type of player and try to get Beal… They need a 2 that can guard quick play makers (Beal) and a big that can defend the 4 and 5 position and play the 2×2 going outside or inside (Ibaka)… Just imagine Luka-Beal-F Smith-KP-Ibaka

  11. Luka can’t win alone against teams that have 3 superstars. Of course the Lakers won.
    KP will be missing most of the matches, money thrown away.

  12. Luka was good, the rest of the team was not, the defense is no better. Luka has to join another team if he wants to win the ring.

  13. Haven’t seen the game but what happens at the beginning of the 4th? Close game until then, no points by luka until late in the quarter

  14. Just fired Porzingis i am tired of waiting him 150 years and watching Luka play solo all time agaist all this stack teams

  15. LUKA IS MVP NO DOUBT !!! be honest .. no one can beat him 1vs1 😀 even 5 vs 1 when he get the ball

  16. This loss along with the Suns loss is unacceptable Mark Cuban and the front office need to add more scoring piece to compliment Luka’s game. We need KP and Zach Lavine

  17. Luka Doncic needs to get in better shape he needs to improve his overall conditioning and endurance. Mavs rebounding and perimeter defense still need to get a lot better and trading Tim Hardway Jr

  18. Mavs fans are so soft. need to call out m anagment for not doing shit for two offseasons. last season’s biggest pickup was Seth curry, this off-season is was josh Richardson? I like him, but that’s it? they not even trying to win. just wanna pocket money Luka makes for them

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