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  3. Luka need more support, kp cannot be depend on and afraid to go inside the saded area, he is playing safe because of his injury,

  4. Zinger absent again. He’s too inconsistent. Luka is beast though. Can score in every way imaginable. Pick and roll, isolation, dribble drive, step back 3, catch and shoot, mid range game, floaters, posting up smaller players.

  5. Just trade everyone but Luka and try do build an actual team. Porzingis might be the worst defender I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, dude’s also soft and has no will to win. The fact that he’s the second best in the team says it all…

  6. Overall I don´t think it was a good game. I´m a great fan of Luka, but in yesterday´s game, I think he held the ball too much on offense. I think he should let the ball move more, involve other players on offense. It seems like if he isn´t gonna take the shot, he has to be the one who´s getting the last pass to have an assist. He should make this ball move more. Mavs players are all watching him on offense waiting to see what he is going to do, it´s being pretty similar to James Harden in Houston. Luka is still my favorite player in the league though.

  7. Luka had 3 rebounds in the first half that they didn’t give him credit for. At the end of the half, they showed him having 1 rebound, but if you watched the game, he had at least 3 that were rather obvious rebounds. His total for the first half should have been 4.

  8. These refs need to start getting fined for making stupid calls from their emotions instead of the game 🤦‍♂️🙄

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