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  1. Just realized. How are you wearing the bronco’s goat #7?

    C’mon madden/EA. Still letting players wear retired #s in your game is a NOOB move!

  2. Yea u must not be playing on madden or all pro difficulty and CPU stats must be turned down way low 😂nice try

  3. if you dont know the game, can you still have fun playing career, i mean have no idea about the rules, runs ect, we dont watch american football in europe.

  4. i liked when madden carrer had the room with the computer. doing iq tests and interviews. i wish 2k could do football again. my player the main reason it destroyed live

  5. Can you please change your number a hall of famer already has that number retired aka known as John Elway it’s so cringey to watch with you wearing that number

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