Keanu Reeves makes his directorial debut in this explosive marital arts drama that reunites him with legendary Matrix Trilogy fight choreographer Yuen Wo Ping and stuntman Tiger Chen.


  1. Was this filmed in Japan, or is china backwards too, driving on the wrong side of the road. We drive on the right side… therefore everyone who isnt like Russia, Europe and North and South Americs must drive on the wrong side… lol.. but China? Mind freakin blown…

  2. With stuff out there like The Raid, this is maybe average. The story is the same one we’ve heard before and the choreography was competent but didn’t do anything interesting. Last fight was awkward. I can see it being a really good watch if you ran into it via Keanu Reeves and don’t really dig too deep into the genre.

  3. 13min in I already like the movie, Keanu Reeves, something about dude makes you like the movies, maybe because he’s an introvert, quiet, and dark…

  4. Watched this 5 yrs ago an just loved it. If you love Martial Arts & Keanu Reeves. This is the movie for you.

  5. A fine directional debut. Bravo Keanu! A really nice Martial Arts film and certainly a notch above the mainstream. Beautiful photography and all the actors did a fine job! Set decoration was terrific.

  6. Start: Corporation tries to destroy them and leave them for dead on the streets
    End: L’et’s all forget the past and be friends.

    ..Chinese movies never make any sense lol. As bad as western movies can be, chinese movies are even worse.

  7. Back in the old boy days I saw Bruce lee turn into the dragon beat only one time it was sad why

  8. Tsk tsk Keanu… a more experienced director would have known not to make the final battle a cartoonish joke

  9. Is it politically bad when Chinese play western instruments and music? Should Americans be doing taekwondo from Korea? What about Judo or Gracie BJJ from Japan? Isn’t that cultural appropriation?

  10. I love the way the director pulled my thoughts back into the core of my training while fully drawing me into the action packed storyline!
    Sometimes, when life is most difficult, like today, a reminder to continue enduring, in the cold, in my car, is exactly what was needed…
    Thankful for this contribution to our society~

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  12. One thing to me is still inconclusive. Why did he run an underground fight club. Great movie tho

  13. I really like how they fought at the end. But hate how the camera isn’t catching it properly. Like there are times where it should of been close up instead of seeing their full body.

  14. The movie isn’t the worst ever in human history, but my question is, was Keanu Reeves TRYING to be a really bad actor in this movie to fit some kind of stereotyped genre acting that they may have asked of him? Or, is he just really a bad actor?

  15. If those of you haven’t seen Lady Blood Fight
    Really good action Karate Chick flick ha..
    Good story n female fighting with some ass n tits
    Cant beat that.. Great movie tho n That’s what made me wanna watch this again..
    Karate mode…

  16. This was a great and unique movie, yet underrated, Tiger Chen is a very good actor as well as fighter, and Keanu directorial debut was really outstanding. On a scale of 1 to 10, it get’s a 10 plus!!!! A classic film, and a must see movie!!! 👲🏾👍🏾

  17. I’ve been looking for this movie for like a year plus. I saw the clip where Keanu was messing him up and thought it was a normal physical martial arts film, and was shocked (humorously) when the ‘power’ hit was used and unexpectedly ended the fight.

  18. I just noticed that Tiger was working for the Merovingian in the matrix. He fights Keanu in the castle scene, where Neo block all the bullets

  19. I’m sorry but I made it this far into the movie at roughly forty minutes and I cannot take it anymore this is not the truth this is Hollywood bullshit and we have all seen what has happened to traditional Chinese martial artist versus Modern Combat practitioners! This movie is a complete delusion of grandeur and it is actually insulting regarding the people that are in reality!

  20. This movie was non-stop action. KR did an awesome job directing and acting in this film. Great movie!!

  21. That Police Chief is the Police Chief from Contract Killer Jet li movie He’s the King of Killers lol

  22. Helene Leclerc ring announcer, Very Nice. That said, Keanu does it again. The last time I left a Keanu review, he was a bad cop in an under rated movie, and he was great. I thought it was a good movie and Keanu was the reason. Now he gives us a Chinese Kung Fu movie, with him as a bad guy at which he is very good. Of course John Wick is a bad guy too, anti-hero for sure, but a very bad man. In this movie he is just evil and a compelling Svengali. Making a good guy go do bad things. Also, it was nice to see who directed the film. He always surprises me whether he is a master of time or a world class assassin. He allows me to enjoy a movie now and then, you can’t ask for more than that. This was, of course, an unexpected surprise as I knew nothing about the plot until the story began. Keanu is cool man, real cool. He keeps turning up in the craziest places. Thanks for the upload. I’ll watch it a time or two nore.

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