Zach Hyman, Zach Bogosian and head coach Sheldon Keefe speak with the media following Monday’s morning skate.


  1. Don't you think you could include the media questions ALL the time? You know, so we don't have to sit here trying to figure out what the hell question the player is answering and who the hell they are talking about? Yeah, it may be easy to figure out (most of the time) but you make it so frustrating to watch. Is it really too much to ask? Does 5 more seconds cost the Leafs upload bandwidth or something? Check out Edmonton Oiler's YouTube page… now that's how you operate a YT account, with live streaming and chat before/after the game etc.

  2. Hyman's enthusiasm for every shift is so infectious to others, but I absolutely LOVED when he scored and couldn't even wait until he hit the ice before emphatically pumping his arm in celebration. 😁😁 God I loved that.👍
    As for tonight's game, 😬 😬 … Naah, I'm not concerned about Mcdavid and Company seeking revenge for keeping them off the scoreboard at all.😦 😧… Lol
    This is what I'm thinking, Mcdavid and Drys ..will in all likelihood have a Beast of a game offensively. You just ain't gonna keep them down for long, but not all is totally lost if that does transpire. All it will mean is our Hired Guns will need to Beastmode the game as well. If that happens, then I could see a 5 – 4 …or …. 6 – 5 type shootout, and as ya know, those games tend to fall to the team who scores last.
    I just hope the Buds don't lay a big fat egg after such a great performance last game?

  3. If Zack wasn’t on the Maple Leafs he would be a star player. His work ethic and ambition on ice is awesome.

  4. I’m going to be dead tired tomorrow at work. If we get 2 points tonight it’s worth it!! GLG

  5. Have a fellow leaf fan and two Oilers fans coming over to watch tonight, give us a good reason to shame and possibly boot them out of our house LOL. Thanks for the great season so far boys!!! Let’s do this.

  6. Let's keep it rolling boys, keep that 👑 of the north!!! What do we need at the trade deadline, 1– 3rd center 2– top 6 forward 3– Nothing 4– other. Go leafs Go

  7. Hyman’s mid air celebration on that goal he scored two nights ago kinda reminded me of a certain old bruins player..🤔

  8. Zach Hyman is a rare breed of hockey player that we fans are privileged to watch. Players like this really don't come along that often…humble with an endless work ethic and more than a hint of selflessness sprinkled in. I really don't believe he understands the the word quit. Hella glad he's a Leaf!

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