Michigan’s Isaiah Livers sports a #NotNCAAProperty during the Wolverines’ game against Texas Southern in the NCAA Tournament.

Michigan’s Isaiah Livers sports a #NotNCAAProperty during the Wolverines’ sport towards Texas Southern in the NCAA Tournament.
Image: AP

This is not a tricky case to crack.

Previous week, multiple higher education athletes spoke out about the NCAA’s bogus NIL procedures less than the hashtag #NotNCAAProperty. The motion officially termed for 4 factors — just one of individuals issues being a assembly with NCAA President Mark Emmert.

The school basketball players were being reportedly focusing on today for a time to speak with the prez. Sadly, yet unsurprisingly, Emmert would like to set the Zoom contact on keep. Not for a day or a 7 days. ArE yOu Nuts? He would like to put it off until… following the event.

Like, the full detail. The thing that introduced all this up in the first spot.

Schedule’s comprehensive, sorry!

Look, I don’t question that Emmert is busy. Primarily now. But I’d have to visualize that the faculty athletes who are doing work even though likely to a faculty they’ll make gobs of dollars for have some time constraints also… So you definitely wanna pull the card that you simply cannot squeeze in a 30-minute Zoom contact with scholar leaders who encouraged a nationwide movement that would make you and your corporation search terrible for exactly matters like this?

Of program he should make time.

What Emmert is performing is just kicking the can down the road until you — yes YOU, pricey reader — quit caring about the event and therefore college basketball and hence the plight of its athletes. And he is familiar with you will. April 4tand 5 are the dates for the women’s and men’s basketball championships, respectively. For most informal sports activities fans, the NCAA will not reënter the mainstream right up until the tumble (soccer) time.

Believe about it: In April, the sports media will also go on NCAA hiatus. We’ll include MLB opening day, The Masters, and the playoff thrust for the NBA and NHL. That, my mates, is the excellent time for this meeting to transpire for someone sitting down on Emmert’s lofty perch — when your (yep, YOU once more) bracket is busted, your focus is elsewhere, and the cameras are not on.

But we know full effectively what you’re performing, Mark. It’s pretty clear and, as standard, infuriating,