We join match ace, Speedy at Lindholme Lakes where he covers everything you need to know about fishing the Method feeder in winter. Nick covers everything from the tackle required, size of feeders and how to prep the bait..


  1. Hi I love Nick’s approach. His tactics, bait preparation and thinking is dead simple and his results speak volumes. Anyone who follows his advice can not fail to catch more fish. Nice camera work from Jake as well, made this a great video to watch. Regards Bill

  2. Great video guys, Thanks for all the info Nick, Just starting out in freshwater after years sea fishing so a lot to learn but this all seems logical and helpful.

  3. Hi, HELP REQUIRED FOR SUITABLE RIVER FEEDER i live near the river Swale, a typical UK river with fast and slow sections, not particularly wide so chucking is irrelevant into the equation. I fish the deeper slower sections so need a sensitive rod for catching predominantly smallish fish. Note this is why i have choose the Matrix SLIM and NOT the standard!  Note no more than £200, the first rods i liked because of there extra length, need for rod up altitude river fishing. The Daiwa says 60g,,, this tells me this is a beefy rod and not what i am after (unless Barbel fishing which i don’t do),, but i am only sumizing this, can anyone who has used this rod confer?

    Which out of the 5 rods would have the best sensitive action for me. Vastly appreciated in advance.

    Daiwa Nzon Z 11ft Feeder  £194    https://www.fishingtackle2go.co.uk/product/daiwa-nzon-z-feeder-11ft-3pc-60g-rod-new-2020-free-delivery/

    Middy Reactacore XZ 10’6″ Feeder £170   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Middy-Reactacore-XZ-Mini-Commercial-10ft6-Feeder-Rod/203115596435

    Maver Signature Pro 10′ 6″ Feeder £180     https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maver-Signature-Pro-10ft-6-Bomb-Feeder-2-Piece-Rod-3-15m-NEW/233428309426

    Matrix Horizon X Pro SLIM  Feeder £193   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Matrix-Horizon-X-Pro-Slim-3-0m-10ft-Feeder-Rod-New-Free-Delivery/174615218019

    Also does anyone have experience of the Garbolino Altima 11ft rod, some still left new at £150:-

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