Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule said Wednesday during a video conference that it was the “best thing for our team” to move on from quarterback Cam Newton and move forward with Teddy Bridgewater.

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  1. Well I got Cam Newton Jersey in my closet I love Cam, been following him since Auburn but at the end of the day why would you want to overpay a quarterback that can’t stay healthy and Teddy never has not performed, we forget the last full season Teddy had he was kicking Seattle’s ass in a playoff game, yes a playoff game! I don’t know why people forget that so easily

  2. BigCat…..they did right with Cam. They cut him before the draft. They could have kept him on till June 1st. They let him go so he could find another team before the draft. You can’t blame team with what we are all dealing with right now.

  3. Its not just the learning curve. Bridgewater was an ascending QB before he got hurt. He was only 24 and the injury derailed his career. He lost roughly 3 seasons, and when he finally did he showed just how good he is, and more importantly how good he will be. He is only 27, and he hasn’t even come close to hitting his peak. Just watch how good he looks with Brady’s offense. Bridgewater is incredible accurate, incredibly poised under pressure, and he has a very high football IQ. The guy is a born leader too. Everyone, and I mean everyone loves this guy both on and off the football. He is one of the rare football players that is revered by teammates and opposing players alike. Plus he wins. Flat out wins. He won in high school. Won in College against big time competition, and he has won in the Pros. In fact, he is 16 and 5 in his last 21 starts. That is damn good, and that isn’t a fluke. Cam on the other hand is a 58% passing completion percentage QB with an 86 career QB rating. He is 68-55 in his career, and his injury history hasn’t been good. More importantly Brady’s offense demands high accuracy quick passing. That’s Teddy. Not Cam. That’s the real reason Rhule and Brady wanted him. Teddy is just a better QB for this Team, and frankly will blow away a lot of people about how good he will become. Panthers are going to be dangerous on offense, and if they can get that defense rebuilt…look out.

  4. Yo Bigkatt check what I got. Blended in some former Joe Brady and Matt Rhule/Phil Snow guys and think it turned out well:
    1-7 : Isaiah Simmons, LB/S
    2-38 : Kyle Dugger, S
    3-69 : Raekwon Davis, IDL
    4-113 : Thaddeus Moss, TE (LSU)
    5-148 : James Lynch, IDL (Baylor)
    5-152 : Jason Strowbridge, IDL (UNC)
    6-184 : Lamar Jackson, CB
    7-221 : Grayland Arnold, CB (Baylor)

    Definitely Defense heavy (as Hurney discussed) and addresses the middle of all 3 levels first. Brady loves moss almost as much as Rhule loves Lynch and both Jackson and Arnold are corners with high upside and Arnold is a Phil Snow product. Kyle Dugger is not only crazy gifted with upside but an in states (plural now lol) guy like Isaiah and Strowbridge.

    No O-lineman taken because A- only so many good ones out there and B- Greg Little and Daley, when healthy, produced and I think we can find some UDFA guys for depth. Not perfect, but theres only so many holes you can try to fill

  5. Damn Panthers Organization they did Cam wrong hell his personal life is his business they have shit going on in thier lives also …. Hope Cam never look back on them!!!!!

  6. I don’t think that money is the issue is why Cam is not signed. I think that the coaches remember he burned them 5 years ago

  7. I don’t like him not one bit we don’t know what scheme they planning y’all foolish we going to regret this is obvious rule wants to be the face of the organization not his players sorry fans

  8. scheme my ass what scheme can’t cam fit… you and your scrawny ass offensive coordinator was intimidated by cam

  9. This dude started the interview off dancing so much i thought i was looking at Michael Jackson and James Brown. By the end of the interview i realized i was looking at Chris Brown…. “These Hoes Ain’t Loyale.”

  10. I’ve calm down since I have no real skin in the game!! I’ve also decided to give the new organization a chance!! However there on a very short leash!! Rhule has just proven he is full of shit!! I don’t believe cam will fit in any system!! However it would have been nice if they just gave a real reason to let cam move on!! Hell if they brought in someone as good or better than cam I’d be cool! However I do believe if they kept cam they would catch hell replacing him with the xfl star!! If teddy gets benched in favor of the xfl star no one will blink a eye

  11. He was hurt 3 years? No he led the Panthers to the playoffs 2017 and funchess messed up the catch for the win. Gano missing extra points. Cam was injured half off 2018 and all of 2019. A year and a half. Games missed was just a full season. Let’s stop overplaying cam being injury prone.

  12. Big kat I don’t recall him saying that Cam Newton was healthy he said that he hopes Cam Newton can return to the player that he was.

  13. What you yall fail to realize is that they wanted Teddy Bridgewater since the beginning of free agency and even before they just didn’t think he was going to be cheap enough when they found out he was cheap enough they were ecstatic and at that point they wanted him as the quarterback still and the only way for that to happen is to move on from the previous starting quarterback. Y’all want to make this a Cam Newton against the franchise team so bad that y’all are reaching instead of Paying attention to the real evidence in front of you. Some of y’all fans are just slow to the point. Of course if Cam Newton is the best option available to them they would love to work with him but if they have better options They will do the same thing that the Buccaneers did was Tom Brady in Jameis Winston.

  14. BIG KAT I am riding with the panthers not Matt Rhule, Hurney, or Tepper because I can’t ride with men who don’t want to tell the whole truth. Be brutally honest with us as fans we can handle it.

  15. They got rid of Cam for the same reason they got rid of Steve Smith – he was the recognized leader of the locker room and management wanted a change in that leadership.

  16. What in the Corona Virus lies are these….let it go stop back tracking…move on please move on

  17. Hell Teddy is no better than Cam. He was hurt and missed time (The same as Cam) fuck Matt Rhule

  18. In a division with Brady, Brees, & Ryan this mane came out his mouth and said Teddy B was his guy 🙆🏾‍♂️💥🤯

  19. If they knew Cam didn’t fit the offense why didn’t they release Cam earlier, that’s a bunch of bull. They keep talking about Cam because their guilty, they know they did him wrong.

  20. Maybe they didn’t trade cam in time because they didn’t want anybody else to pick him up because they don’t want to play against cam in their first year rebuilding.

  21. I’m glad we got some clarity though. I do get that teddy was an opportunity. Y the fuck did we need to get rid of cam though could have kept him around n not needed PJ

  22. I don’t see how cam doesn’t fit an offense especially one that was already half built around him. I will say this does help me feel a little more confident in Teddy coming in. Just because I get that they got their guy and I believe he has experience in fixing teams. I’ll miss u cam n I hope u get a ring man u did deserve one.

  23. They’re building their team around the coaching staff and I dig it. Makes perfect sense. Can’t wait to see what they do.

  24. I’ll say it again, Cam’s personal situation has more to do with it than most think. He would have probably got away with it playing any other position but QB. When you are the face of the franchise and claim to be a role model for kids, there are certain things you just can’t do. The Panthers did a good job of keeping his situation out of the main stream media. I’m not judging Cam and have nothing but respect for him. As men we have to learn there are consequences and repercussions for our actions.

  25. Rhule is a damn liar man. Just look at his face when he talks.. They booing the shit out his ass when the season

  26. You can say the same thing about Ben Roethlisberger but the steelers still keep him guess teppwr didn’t learn anything from the Rooney bros 🤷‍♂️

  27. @Keeppounding_Tv I Respect the hell out of you for always saying and sticking to your beliefs keep doing you Brotha 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾👆🏼

  28. As a life long Panthers fan, I appreciate everything Cam has done for us. With that being said here are the reasons the Panthers moved on from him . . .

    1.) Cam wanted more money than his performance, age and health warrants.
    2.) From the owner, to head coach, to staff, this is a new regime wanting to start fresh.
    3.) Cam’s on field performance isn’t good enough to negate his larger than life personality and extra antics, which simultaneously effects the growth of rising stars such as McCaffrey.
    4.) Cam genuinely doesn’t fit the system Rhule has in mind.
    5.) In 8 years as a starting QB, Cam has shown very little progress in both being a true QB and leader.
    6.) Cam has as many inconsistent games / seasons as he does ones of value.
    7.) When Cam can’t run he isn’t really as good as we try to portray him out to be.

    Personally, I no longer want to settle for just being playoff contenders. It will make this franchise just as stagnant as teams like the Falcons, Bengals or Texans. It was time to move on.

  29. His personality was definitely a factor. The old crew is gone, and maybe Cam and who he is doesn’t work for the new regime. I can say Rhule probably felt he had to say something because of the fans. Rhule shouldn’t have to be the one talking though explaining Cam. We can’t support Rhule and what he wants to do, and then tear him apart at the seams for doing things his way. I’m not upset about Cam being gone, and I’m actually not upset about any of the people that are gone. New coach, new things. I think Olsen is acting like a jaded lover, but his decline, as Cam’s, was also televised, or maybe he thinks we didn’t see that.😐 I think they could’ve handled Cam’s release much better. Did they screw it up? Yes. But do we need to keep rehashing that? No. I’m moving on, and hopefully most fans will do the same. Cam was my guy, but he is no longer here. I wish him and others who were here well also, but it’s time to move away from those things and look towards the future. We do have a future, and it’s not dark as many are thinking…..

  30. Let’s just sit back and see what happens. The coach is the most important person to the team. The coach is responsible for picking the right players to build a winning team. Expecting a new Coach to teach a veteran quarterback who is set in his ways when there is a young quarterback available who fits the game plan is ridiculous. This “NEW” Panthers team isn’t the team that I am a fan of and rooted for in the past but I should give them a chance and not rush to judgement. There is a LOT of pressure on the new coach Matt Rhule and the pressure he is under is tremendous. Matt Rhule decided that Cam Newton wasn’t a viable option for the Panthers in 2020 and if he wrong then he is toast!!! He could have kept Cam Newton and let him play and if Cam Newton didn’t produce and the Panthers have a losing season he could have blamed it on Cam Newton but by releasing Cam Newton, Matt Rhule is taking on all of the responsibility for how the Panthers perform this coming season.

  31. I don’t think cam was going for dat 1 year deal and Rhule was like fuck it you can seek a trade imma hire Teddy

  32. I dont beleive rhule said he was healthy. He just said it was a buisness decision that needed to be made

  33. Rhule didn’t want that big ass personality interfering with what he is trying to build. Rhule wants to be the loudest voice at BoA stadium. I am not saying he is right, I am not saying he is wrong I’m just saying.

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