The ‘Rocket’ was most fearsome forward of his generation, an eight-time Stanley Cup winner, and a cultural icon in Montreal


  1. About Richard’s suspension, let’s face it, even Quebecers today would agree anyone who did what he did should get suspended. It just so happened they were in the midst of a cultural war. The anglophone elite reined supreme in Montreal over the francophone majority and tensions were high enough off the ice. All it took was one suspension to the francophone hero that cost the Habs one Stanley Cup to set off one major uprising by the Les Miserables.

  2. I used to live by a foreign exchange student from Montreal. Living in Oregon, a different friend (Kings fan) stated that Richard was far from the greatest hockey player of all time. I’d never seen such a nice guy snap like that. I’ve seen fights over football, blow over better than this one. If I wasn’t there to pull Maurice (yes he was named after the Rocket) off of him, a 6’0” 150 lbs 14 year old right winger, would have hospitalized a 6’3” 220 O-lineman. The importance of the Rocket in Maurice’s life was never more apparent to me. This French-Canadian twig would fight anyone whom questioned the Rocket’s place among the greats. The kings fan got off with a broken nose, black eye, and several bruises up and down his sides and chest.

  3. Maurice Rocket Richard the greatest hockey player in history period, he is the Montreal Canadiens, !!GO HABS GO!!

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