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  1. Mcdavid: the best offensive player and great amounts of speed

    Crosby: The best technical/complete player
    I rather take Sid for my team as he’s probably the greatest leader a team can have, and is aggressive down low and can play both ends.

    At the end of the day Crosby is the best of his era and Mcdavid is the best of his era. That is why there will never be the best player Imo, just the best of his era. It’s hard to compare Crosby to Mcdavid as their difference in their age is 10 years plus Crosby missed 100+ games of his prime due to concussions.

  2. Mcdavid’s not as good as Crosby in the corners and man in the playoffs you have no room what so ever that’s where Crosby has a huge advantage and one of the reasons why he’s got 3 cups! There’s gonna be at least two guys all over mcdavid in the playoffs so he’s really gonna need to practice being stronger in the corners and being able to stick handle in a phone booth!

  3. Completely different players. Crosby achieved so much at that age and McDavid hasn´t. Crosby has an amazing talent of positioning and his playmaking skills are unreal. McDavid is basically just fast individual scoring mahcine

  4. The last time a Pittsburgh sports figure was as special as Sidney Crosby, was Roberto Clemente…& not just for their amazing feats DURING the game, but their work AWAY from the game as well.

  5. I must say that for the first time in Mcdavids career, I’m starting to see a small kink in his armor for being the best in the league. Don’t get me wrong, he IS still one of the best, however, there are small questions starting to appear and quietly challenge his stature of being the absolute best player in the league. First, you cannot get injured often. One of the single most legacy killers for a player is injuries and that curse cost Lemieux’s dominance against Gretzky and it cost Gretzky a couple scoring titles himself including in 1988. Players need to dodge injuries to stay on top which is another reason why Ovechkin’s status is held in such a high regard by maintaining his near 50 goals per season average after 15 seasons. Also, Mcdavid has not won a scoring title now in 2 years so whatever the reason, whether it was a fluke supremacy of Kucherov or Draisaityl pulling ahead to win it seems there’s always one person lately who came through just a few points ahead of Mcdavid to win the title so in this case it is not always good being number 2 when your considered number 1. Even small things like losing out to the all-star speed competition for the first time all contributes to his personal status. The most impressive feat I think Mcdavid has ever achieved in the NHL to prove his prestige in my opinion was in 2017-2018 when in the first half of the season he was very far behind in the scoring lead due to illness and I thought for sure he was going to lose the title, but had a complete dominance of PPG in the second half to catch up and blow past everyone to win another scoring title. If Mcdavid is to continue to be considered THE BEST and not just one of the best in my opinion as a forward he needs to stay healthy and statistically show it no matter what. Period. Your personal achievements and team wins dictate your legacy in the league, so a few more scoring titles and a Stanley cup will solidify his greatness for sure but the time is now to continue to tighten that armor.

  6. What amazes me is that these aren’t the best players in the league ovi scores more goals than them a season 😐

  7. Everyone knows that Crosby is better then Connor And if you say different well I gess what trying to say is 87 is better in my opinion because he has more time on the ice he can in to the nhl in 2007 and 97 well I don’t know when he came but my point is that the more time the days the practice the better 🖕

  8. In my personal opinion I like McDavid better because I met him and I live by Edmonton. But Crosbys a dang good player. P.S. McDavid is still better

    Edit:Search up “whos the worlds best hockey player” and McDavid shows up sooooooooòooooooooOOoooOOooOoOoOoOo. BEAT THAT CROSBY

  9. If wishes were…I’d have loved to see Crosby at his best play Connor now. I mean the Crosby that was before head injuries. These two players are so fun to watch. Each has his own best attributes.

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