The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN’s Mina Kimes to discuss a new look for the Patriots with Cam Newton at the helm, some teams that probably should have tried to sign Newton, great NFL head coaches, uncertainty surrounding the 2020-21 NFL season, and more.

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  1. Heyyyyyyy Mina. Just wanted to………….you rly know your football. So Smart!! It’s casual, this is casual. It’s fine. Just wanted to leave a voicemail, and—

  2. As a Bears fan, don’t mention it. At least I could see Lamar turn up… (I’m a closet Ravens fan)

  3. People still to this day don’t quite understand how good Tom Brady actually is. KC already had a pretty good team, that won a lot with a average QB or slightly above average in Alex Smith. Tom Brady had what in his time? And he came after an, at the time, average or slightly above average QB in Drew Bledsoe. The real greatness will see when eventually the team isn’t quite the same anymore. Like instead of throwing to Randy Moss you would have to throw to Kenbrell Thompkins or Aaron Dobson. That kind of stuff happens all the time, players get old, get injuried, get traded all sorts of stuff happens to them and the team that was really good somehow becomes bad or average at best. That’s when coaches and QBs have their checks earned. Specially QBs because they are the ones “responsible” for the offense. How many SB does Brady have if he had played for the Ravens in the time Ravens defenses were always top 5 with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed? Sometimes you just get lucky and ends up with the perfect situation. In the case of Brady, I think he made his own luck being the best at his craft.

  4. I will root for Cam…but can’t bring myself to root for the Pats. I’ll have to come to some sort of internal resolution before/if the season starts.

  5. Cam was a great pickup. I do think Patriots are 3rd best team in AFC and have dark horse super bowl chances if there is a season

  6. I was good with this until Bill gave his disaster basketball analogy. “The basketball coaches that quote unquote have a system, have failed.” Meanwhile Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr who all are synonymous with system basketball have 19 rings as coaches between them lol

  7. yes, cam got a raw deal on income this year. but he’s had 4 consecutive disappointing seasons, so anybody expecting a pro bowl season from cam needs to take it down a notch

  8. I hated Patriots since 2004 SB but always respected TB and BB. Now I’m a patriot fan and getting my first Jersey (#1)

  9. How do you plan for something when you have no idea what things will be like in September? Welcome to the plight of schools everywhere.

  10. Yep, Mahomes was on the cover last season, I still play it. And Brady went to the Super Bowl the year he was on the cover, but lost to the Eagles.

  11. Did Mina Kimes really say that there was no point when Brady was unquestionably the best QB? What a take.

  12. Chicago Fan who lives in NC… I wanted NO part of Cam Newton after watching his last few years. He can not throw a football anymore.

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