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Back with more of the best picks and predictions for the MLB with no others than our experts Donnie RightSide and Jason Radowitz sharing the best picks for the following games

Games covered today:

• Red Sox vs Yankees
• Mets vs Phillies
• Brewers vs Cubs
• Dodgers vs Angels
• Padres vs Diamondbacks

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  1. Jason is talking about Kyle Wright like he’s ever watched him pitch. It’s comical. Guy is talking stats going off of 2 starts. These guys don’t talk about finding value at all either. Just shooting off a bunch of stats from 3 weeks of games. Regardless, entertaining and still some good picks put out there. Dodgers ML, Reds -1.5, SD ML, HOU -1.5, Brewers -1.5.

  2. Dont sleep on the Brooklyn Nets. They could potentially sneak 2 wins against Toronto without their star players (Durant/Kyrie)

    Like the Clippers last season vs Durant’s Warriors being eliminated in 6 games before getting Kawhi & George

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