1. this is the third moneyball clip I’ve watched today and half way through thought “what am i doing? why don’t i just watch the whole movie right now?”

  2. I don’t think people realize how important that quote is, Billy is right, no matter what player it is, or how the game goes, it will always be a game people love.

  3. Bean hit a homerun and didn’t realize it, never realized it and never graduated from college never made millions never won the World Series ring with Boston. Some peoples lives are cautionary tales for you not to follow…That’s what this movie is all about!!!

  4. Who would think that Jonah hill and brad Pitt would have such good chemistry together. Awesome movie!

  5. This is life, it’s about overcoming your fear and still being afraid but then realizing that not only you conquered your fear but you’ve been stronger that whole time and the thing you feared most you’re the best candidate to destroy it.

  6. I didn’t trip but had the rest of that moment happen to me. It’s truly wonderful that they threw this into the movie as seeing a person or team that still puts their shoulder to the wheel and plays the way it was meant to be played is one of the greatest things you can ever see

  7. Absolutely love this scene. There is something about it that’s emotional for me. Such a great a movie.

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