My preview for the big NHL rematch between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs this time in Toronto 02/13/21

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  1. Swearing in your mind works well lol! Great job man. Danault is losing money every game, off the next deal that is. Maybe he figures out he’s a true great 3C going forward and lowers his demand?

  2. I’m a big hab fun but let’s play Allen price is playing like shit dude wake up this team is built to win

  3. The leafs are suffering injuries and they are playing Martin marinicin tonight. If we can't capatalize on this on our second chance then we don't deserve to be in the same league as Toronto. Losing to a injured team only means that when their healthy it won't be a good day to face Toronto. Sorry for the tough love but it's true

  4. Another hockey fan making the claim that Toronto gets favorable reffing. It's so weird, it's an easy stat to look up and you can see that Toronto has been at the bottom of the league for years in power play opportunities, often literally the last place team in number of power plays awarded. I know you're obviously a bias fan, but try to lean towards facts and away from conspiracy theory.

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