NBA 2K21 MyCareer episode 1. 6’7 Speed Boosting Facilitating Finisher. My First Impressions of MyCareer Mode from High School to College. First Look at the Neighborhood.

★MyPlayer 6’7 219 lbs Facilitating Finisher PG★
★JumpShot – Jordan


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  1. Storyline is ok but im not a big my career mode type but i do enjoy the wnba and nba season modes and black top.🏀🏀🏀🏀

  2. Tall PG Gang, I can’t wait until next Gen that’s why I’m waiting imma let it all build up and just watch y’all play, I might give in tho 🤣‼️🗣

  3. If you dont want it to be long can you just lose to cobb and also the ncaa so you can show us the cutscnees

  4. Yo shake bro much respect big fan since 2k15 when you gon drop your dribble tutorial fam!!!!!

  5. I remember when shakedown made a 2k12 dribble tutorial video and ever since then I been watching all his videos

  6. I was bout to send the injury as top 10 WTF’s till I found out it was part of the story 😂

  7. Shake down how are you able to hear the sounds in the game when I record I’m not able to hear anything on my ps4 can you help me out

  8. I turned shot aiming off for layups and I get a lot more dunks. Shot aiming kinda forces you to take layups.

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