With NBA 2K21 Next-Gen almost here, Visual Concepts executive producer Erick Boenisch and gameplay director Mike Wang highlight some of the upcoming advancements and gameplay features players can look forward to, featuring brand new next-gen footage!


  1. Me and my 8yo have never played any console game. We are looking for instructions about how we can play together on ps5. We need instructions for 2k21 for all kinds of things and can’t find real information anywhere. Help us

  2. Why i have no audio after recording NBA (ONLY) i checked in the gallery i heare only the referee whistle and the buzzer soundes only …. could i inow whats going on ??

  3. Where do I find actual instructions for my 8yo about how to use the PS5 dual sense controller. Real instructions about which buttons to push and how to use them. I can’t don’t this information anywhere, least of all in the game itself where it should be. The kids been crying for an hour because he can’t make a basket. He said “they’re going to trade me”

  4. i requested a refund after 2 minutes of gameplay.
    the graphics looks so crappy. it looks like same graphics from 3 years ago.
    waste of money.

  5. what about your ps4 version. fix the face of some players like lebron. the presentstion for ps4 is so borrong copy paste of nba2k20

  6. Bro this next-gen graphics talk is all cap. Skin looks like rubber and player animations are coming straight from the PS3 era. The floor’s reflection look hella unrealistic too.

  7. i havent purchased a 2k game since 2k19 and its gonna stay that way lol this is supposed to be next gen?

  8. This game is breaking COVID 19 Rules & Safety
    1. Crowd is not social distancing
    2. Not wearing face masks
    3. Touching faces
    4. Not washing hands
    5. No doctors
    6. No lockdown on the city
    7. And even going outside

  9. Still don’t understand why this is the default camera. You can’t see downcourt and seeing things develop is much harder. Also it’s difficult to use the stick with the player relative to the basket when you’re not straight on view.

  10. Our lost our lost our With some more and I’mma: What you trying to show Off no @gwallasmash running and:

  11. It’s so awesome how ppl call this bs out in the comments. And you know the developers read it lol. I wish they would respond but you know they wont.

  12. When I was growing up we had to learn everyone shot release , this generation got a big green meter lol

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