#TeamLeBron wins the 2020 #NBAAllStar game, 157-155, to earn $300,000 more for the Chicago Scholars!

Relive the 2020 NBA All-Star Game of #TeamLeBron and #TeamGiannis!

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  1. looking back Lowry taking charges made the game one of the best All-Star games of all time. The defense was made this an instant classic

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  3. You’re back here after watching 2021 all-star game and thought that the 2020 was better in terms of defense and overall competitive spirit.

  4. tf? this is Team Lebron highlights, they didn’t show any Team Giannis buckets in the 4th besides Embiid in the post on Lebron.

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  6. it’s funny when it’s down to the wire, no one can score a single point. Really shows you the difference a star-studded team does on defense.

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  8. This was likely one of the best in NBA history! The 2021 game on Sunday is gonna be sick: Team LeBron vs Team KD:)

  9. the best thing to come out of 2020 was this all-star year, the dunk contest, 3pt contest and all-star game were all great and entertaining to watch

  10. They should change the ruling on ,you cant win the game by a free throw, i mean at least give the other team a chance to defend.

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  14. I’m watching with again after watching the draft knowing what happens in the game and I’ll tell you what hindsight makes everything more interesting

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  16. It was a great 4th quarter, but I wish Trae Young didn’t sit out the whole quarter. His amazing playing to end the 3rd and tie the quarter to carry $100000 into the last quarter went for naught because team Giannis blew the lead and Trae could do nothing about it cause they didn’t let him play, he was the only starter who didn’t get to play in the 4th. Instead, nurse puts in his own player Lowry who in my opinion cost team Giannis the game

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