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  1. That ain’t going free to play even the ceo said that and plus it’s EA you expecting shit free from them

  2. Great vid man and thanks for the news! I played NBA Live 18 and was very impressed by it and it was really fun. It dose need a lot of work to match 2K but I’m hopeful🙏

  3. Man! Ya’ll getting desperate for NBA Live news. This was basically nothing. Also, this footage is from Orlando when the soccer team Atlético Madrid was visiting the US.

  4. Regardless of when the game comes out if live 20 doesnt have the frostbite engine it wont sell! Might as well cancel the game and move on!

  5. I think this live 20 can compete with 2k ive been searching live 20 news all the big youtubers on gaming particularly basketball games are somehow hyping nba live 20. Man hopefully my insticts are correct.

  6. NBA Live 20 won’t survive as a free to play game because AAA sports titles aren’t big in that arena. And also that would involve MTX and NBA Live not supporting MTX to play most of the game outside of UT sets it apart from 2K. Which is a good thing. If they go playing the MTX game 2K plays they will lose bc 2K plays it best.

  7. Half of you don’t know what you are looking at and think it’s a body scan. It’s called a photo plane;’Reference, getting everything done by hand matching up to make sure the accuracy is there. It’s a process, not to say bodies won’t be a focus. They must be making sure the arms, shoulders and wingspans are correct and matching to the photo.

  8. If they go free to play that means that they would be depending on ultimate team for most of their money like madden and fifa which means lut would have to be majorly updated which is a very good thing imo

  9. How would you feel if it was free to play with season passes to buy like Fortnite say every 30 days with additional content so you could decide when you wanted to invest in the game

  10. NBA live still doesn’t mocap the ball like 2k does and it shows. Probably why the rim physics look weird and the way the ball interacts with the hands and players. So the ball will look like it’s on a string most likely🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. Shawtys dunking like Vince Carter, cmon now at least be realistic live 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I see why yall postponed

  12. If they follow the #Warframe mindset…it could work but like I commented on Twitter…”going in a different direction” scares me and it feels like they are going to keep the arcade style and never get to being a true sim.

  13. If you look closely it is not a real torso fam it looks more like Roman armor. EA didn’t leak this either fam it was a player from the futbol team

  14. If one thing i really believe all this time is that for sure NBA Live 20 never supposed to realese before 2k20 the New marketing and strategy of EA is to not allow 2k to steal from them like all the past years, that’s why live 20 going to realese between october 1st and 31. So good because in that time 2k never going to have the chance to steal from live and after this video “leak” I see that the graphics are going to be so better than 2k and live 19 together!!! FY!!!

  15. I’ve been hearing that “free to play” chatter too…..but a free to play Sports game? Doesn’t make sense to me…..I don’t even know how that would work 🤔

  16. It’s a longterm business move dey willing I to lose out on money now so dey can regain thee audience

  17. 2:01 YES!! I absolutely noticed the lack of torso underneath the jerseys/shirts/sweaters, and it FREAKED. ME. OUT!!! (I still have nightmares) Anyways, at least this confirms they are still working on the game 👍

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