James Harden recorded 30 PTS (20 in the 4th quarter + OT), 14 REB and 15 AST for the Nets as they defeated the Spurs in overtime, 124-113. This is Harden’s 7th triple-double of the season and the 53rd of his career. Kyrie Irving added 27 PTS and 7 AST for the Nets in the victory, while DeMar DeRozan tallied 22 PTS and 11 AST for the Spurs.

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  4. People stick to your team’s don’t be band waggon just cause the Nets were winning I thought you guys were golden state fans and Lakers fans now y’all wanna be east coast fans stick to your team and stop flip flopping

  5. I love the Nets broadcast team because they always get excited for the opponent’s amazing plays and never try to downplay them like they just weren’t a big deal. These Spurs commentators still have some work to do.

  6. Durant, could never beat 🐐 James without a Allstar team. 3 Allstars on one team. Jordan, never had to face 3 Allstars.

  7. the fact that the spurs took the nets to overtime while missing 4 key players just says how strong they are as a team.

  8. Jay Hayes can get up there and block the ball!! He has the potential I know he can bro

  9. I Dropped 27 points we lost by mavs but we did not win by luck by trash spurs we promise we’ll get a ring on nets guys NETSNATION

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  11. Wow! Kyrie can already seal that game I think that is alreday an easy layup for such a very pro player

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