New code changes

For the men and for the woman Rules for the judges 🙂

Here is the code changes we really want to know. (Note Hernandez in the advertisement. Not suspicious AT ALL… BBS does a breakdown. (Only new thing I got was no more bonus for dismount does that that mean doing a round off back hangspring to a dismount no longer gets a bonus like Simone does it? because that’s my Q. WHAT I REALLY WANTED is the bonus for connecting two skills that aren’t actually connected to be taken away but nope. Still there. YAY GYM NERDS (HongKongGymnastics) for doing this. I don’t know how people remember the code from certain other era’s and do shit like this. Who can remember all this? I guess me remembering old baseball outcomes is the same thing.

I’ll be honest with you I have no clue what half these changes mean in the end. Nothing seems too drastic. They are lowering the start values for every vault. DTY is now worth 5.0 instead of a 5.4. There is some changes with the judging which I am about to read but in the end this open ending code is just a way to not have to deal with the consequences of judges cheating or gymnasts falling twice and still winning All Arounds medals. Until that is fixed these codes do nothing for me. They need to make a fall 2 points.

Who is on this Executive committee ? Lets say you have 4 judges who all agree with a certain score. Why bother having a control jury who can manipulate the scores. This is how Fan Yilin lost out on a UB Event finals at the Olympics 4 years ago and how Gabby’s score was raised in 2012. I like the only 1 wolf turn on floor and beam rule (Finally got something right FIG)

Pamchenko explains the judging change

“R-Panel has been abolished and the E-Panel has been expanded to 7 judges, with the middle 3 scores averaged to determine the Final Score.”

Okay so I am looking through and these are just random observations.

College Gymnastics needs this rule just for UCLA.

Ummmm! Judging is subjective but missing 8 tenths in deductions???

Who the hell is Chelsia Memmel?

KARLY Patterson? LOL. I swear they are doing this on