“Science of NFL Football” is a 10-part video series funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in partnership with the National Football League. In this segment, NBC’s Lester Holt breaks down Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion and how it can change how fast players can speed the football up or slow it down. Professors Tony Schmitz of the University of Florida and Jim Gates of the University of Maryland explain why the control of inertia is so vital to the outcome of the game.

Provided by the National Science Foundation and NBC Learn


  1. Aye smb write the summary of this video for me for science class Issa missin assignment !! I NEED IT CUHHH I NEED IT !

  2. Question: Describe all the ways that Newton’s Laws can apply in the game of football

    -When the direction/speed is changed
    -A player running a constant speed
    -How much mass the person is

    These may not be exact

  3. Lol, anyone got the answer for: Give an example of how inertia is associated with the game of football. ?

  4. if you’re here from science class then this might help

    1. 1:20
    2. 1:54
    3. 2:38
    4. 03:01

  5. My teacher: explains this for a month, me- I don’t understand!!! Me scrolling thru YT and see the amazing- *Indian teacher explains all*

  6. 1)What does a running back have a lot of when he is running?
    He has a lot of Inertia.
    2)What happens when a running back is tackled?
    Unbalanced forces.
    3)Explain why a running back stops when he is tackled?
    Because the unbalanced forces cause him to fall.

    (might not be right but if anyone needs it here ya go)

  7. Why am I up at 5:00am watching Hulu and randomly thinking about a late assignment I have, so I come to watch the video on it.

  8. as someone who knows nothing about football, i learned nothing from this. sorry science teacher

  9. If you’re watching this for online school, put the speed to 1.5 it goes by way quicker and you can still understand everything

  10. this law kids !is under estimated ! Do not do like your teacher ! Do not under estimate it ! This law is the most important one to remember ! the first thing you need to learn? What are the total amount of possibility ! If the professor won’t teach you ? Make sure you find someone that will teach you ! You need to know the full capability of this law before you can move to the other law ! why ? Learning this will give you the reason why ! And do not brig math ! You just want to learn the full option of the first law ! Are there 1 option , 69 option . You need to know this ! Once you know ? View the video about the Ohio old nuclear tube that was converted as a vacuum chamber and look at the feather vs bowling ball experiement while remembering that this video main purpose is to consider if first law appear in this experiment or not !

  11. everyone in these comments is saying you from science class but I won’t assume things about you. Ill just tell you have a good day so, have a good day

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