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  1. They have 60 seconds to take a penalty kick ….. if they don’t the ref can take the ball and have a scrum to restart the game. Must say though that I’ve never seen it happen in a game !

  2. A lot of youtuber react to rugby videos. But some of them just say “oh, outsch, cool” and that’s it. It seems like, they only do this to gather clicks from the rugby community.
    That’s why I really like your reactions. You stop, you repeat, because you don’t want to miss something. It feels like you really enjoy it.
    Maybe someday I can even forgive you beeing a soccer-fan 😉
    But hey… Welcome to the dark side of the force 😄

  3. If you’re looking for full games to watch, the World Rugby youtube channel started uploading full game replays when lockdown started last year, as did a lot of the official team channels. From all of the games on that channel, a good place to begin would be the 2019 world cup game between Japan and Scotland. The game was a decider to see which team would progress to the quarter-finals, and due to a massive typhoon that saw other games cancelled, there was serious doubt as to whether it would even go ahead, but it did happen, and IMO it was the best game of the entire tournament.

    This is a link to the playlist with all the full games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRIjnHtGua1hh_FuhR-0GioB87ZS0Hb3Y

    I’ll also give you some links to a couple of great high-scoring games that have full match replays on youtube.

    England vs Scotland 2019: The epitome of “a game of two halves”, and a really entertaining game. 

    New Zealand North Island vs South Island 2020: All of the best players in NZ playing a North vs South match, in what was essentially an all star game, but the players were actually giving 100% unlike what the NFL Pro Bowl is every year. This might have been the best game I watched in 2020.

  4. You should watch h a moment from Wales vs New Zealand…a 15 man line out…Wales were getting hammered and just done a hell mary play at the end to get some points..it was an awesome moment..I think u will enjoy it

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